[0.9.15] tom_Cat’s ModPack

tom_Cat’s ModPask appeared recently, but has already gained great popularity as the official forum of the game, as well as on other sites.

ModPak small in size, but it is very much improves the overall gameplay of the game. Ensure that you can look at the screenshots below:

1 2 3







PMOD Package (Lots of useful mods)
Damage Panel by GambitER
Hell Minimal Hangar Mod
Korolins Tank Contour Icons
Spotted Messenger
XVM Config

How To Install:

Unzip modpack in the folder WoT/res_mods
Activate XVM statistics


res_mods – [0.9.15] – 2016.05.26 – Version 03 (12 Mb)


  • Hi Tom Cat, great Modpack.
    Can you please tell me what settings you use in the Reticle setup part of the Modpack, I can’t seem to get the same reticle as you and I like yours better than mine LOL.

    Many thanks and happy xmas and new year – Karl

  • I get really slow download speed. Is there any plan to update the uploadserver soon? When I have a 50Mb/s download link, and it takes 1h to download 12MB of data?

  • davidthetankdestroyer@aol.com

    how do I download this could anyone help me plz

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