The minimal modpack D Mod for WOT

The peculiarity of this mod is its minimality and functionality. Author Draug in his assembly has collected all the most popular and practical mods. With this assembly, your results on the battlefield will greatly increase. There is only one minus the mod – it is forbidden by developers because of the presence of cheats. In modpack you will find the following mods:

  • Mod Logistic
  • Commander’s Chamber
  • Battle Assistant
  • Mod AutoEquip (automatic installation of equipment)
  • Sixth sense
  • YasenKrasen – statistics for the session
  • A sight from BedBoy
  • Variants of information
  • Damage counter
  • Detailed log of damage
  • Tundra
  • Mod of hitting without a light
  • X-ray
  • Auto-extinguisher
  • Mod Shadow
  • Destroyed objects on the mine map
  • 4 variants of autoaim
    And this is not all.

Image-19-min k1-min

Permitted mods:

  • Commander’s camera
  • The Spoter.
  • Damage panel.
  • AutoEquip auto installation / removal of equipment.
  • Hogs of horizontal aiming.
  • Timer information gun in combat
  • The increased time of the lamp of light.
  • Statistics for the session of YasenKrasen Vanilla.
  • Digital account panel (Makct).
  • Harpoon sight
  • Fatality
  • Improved sight J1mb0 mini (Andre_V).
  • Minimalistic log.
  • Detailed log.

Modpack D Mod (11 MB)


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