[] PMOD – a package with gingerbread for WOT v1.47.0

PMOD – is a comprehensive mods, which with the help of useful modifications and additions will improve your game. Only the desired and necessary modifications for a good, productive game. PMOD is part of many popular and promising modpacks. Previously many players have downloaded the entire assembly to use only PMOD package but today we offer to download assembly PMOD separately.
What are the features you will get with the help of the assembly?
– Adjust the commander camera
– Choose your preferred zoom mode
– Choose the sniper mode by pressing the Shift key and the No Scroll
– Enable or disable the eclipse
– You can keep the last chosen server
– Change the time lamp 6th senses
– Get statistics for the session and the last day

– use chat filter
– Enable Message Filter
– Automatic removal tools
– And many others features
Installation P-MoD:
WOT / res_mods / scripts / client / mods / PMOD.json. If you need to activate a specific module, replace false to true.

Copy the scripts folder in the WOT / res_mods /1.0.1/

PMOD (2.5MB)

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