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[] Multipack by PROTanki v.43

It’s no secret that mods help keep the game a lot of popularity with the ability to change the game to suit your preferences.


But, unfortunately, many users are not able to properly install and configure the game modifications … and here comes to their aid program to install mods and tuning the game client – Multipack.

Multipack today has hundreds of thousands of regular users and is rapidly gaining popularity. This is not surprising, because Multipack has a number of convenient features:

– Multilanguage.
– Protection from improper installation;
– Protection from damage of the client using the previously Wot Tweaker;
– Create a backup (backup) of your mods;
– Cleaning the client from the old mods;
– Easy to use graphical preview of the mods, the detailed description of the mods.
– Audio previews for sound mods;
– A huge number of mods;
– Exclusive comfortable mode;
– Motto Multipack: “Maximum FPS”;
– Resume “heavy” mods directly from the network during installation mods.

– Huge selection of hangars;
– Graphical Client Configuration games;
– There is a mod for streamers WoTTwitchMod;
– Optimizer for tracking new versions of mods and increase FPS in the game.




  • Download and run the modpack.
  • Follow the instructions of the installer


ModPack ProTanki Base (101 MB)


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