[] Multipack by PROTanki v19009

It’s no secret that mods help keep the game a lot of popularity with the ability to change the game to suit your preferences.


But, unfortunately, many users are not able to properly install and configure the game modifications … and here comes to their aid program to install mods and tuning the game client – Multipack.

Multipack today has hundreds of thousands of regular users and is rapidly gaining popularity. This is not surprising, because Multipack has a number of convenient features:

– Multilanguage.
– Protection from improper installation;
– Protection from damage of the client using the previously Wot Tweaker;
– Create a backup (backup) of your mods;
– Cleaning the client from the old mods;
– Easy to use graphical preview of the mods, the detailed description of the mods.
– Audio previews for sound mods;
– A huge number of mods;
– Exclusive comfortable mode;
– Motto Multipack: “Maximum FPS”;
– Resume “heavy” mods directly from the network during installation mods.

– Huge selection of hangars;
– Graphical Client Configuration games;
– There is a mod for streamers WoTTwitchMod;
– Optimizer for tracking new versions of mods and increase FPS in the game.



  • Download and run the modpack.
  • Follow the instructions of the installer



  • I keep getting a corrupted error. Is this not updated for the NA servor?

  • good mod ! 🙂

  • Steve Harvey-Fortin

    There is no german voices crew in it !!! So bad !

    Look at Odem Mortis Mod Pack for german crew voices and sounds for german music Wermacht noobs.

    • put turkish insted

    • this is russian mod pack…why they shold make german or other languages?dont like dont download.anyway all is english.i use this mod pack only coz of crosshair what i like+some other good mods.and this is for free!

  • I encountered a pop-up which claimed I have mods from your multipack, even though as far as I know I don’t. I have been using Aslain’s modpack for over a year now and never have seen this before.

    • ProTanki – big ‘company’ with a lot of testers, creaters of mods, streamer -Yusha(MultiPack their official modpack). So most of mods created for WoT made by them. Modpack makers don’t have own mods(1-2 exclusive mods that all they can have). Changing mods language not equal to making mods.

  • some of the features on this modpack are decent but they are forgetting a few of the most popular. it seems that 55.56% Of the downloads are in the U.S. but yet they dont have english voices bad move i know americans they dont want to hear ukranian. 2nd they dont have the automatic mod installer. i am not buying 32 pairs of binocs or cammo nets or toolboxes 2 or 3 is enuff and with soloviyko (XVM) they have it. and i dont have to demount it and remount it for every vehicle. u load it once after update and it stays til u take it off. that was 2nd time recieved the pop up so i decided to give it a try but i have to say your garage layout was way too complicated and u just make it able to put vehilcles in any order 1, 2, or 3 row carousel would be ideal. those few things i mentioned are the most important to me anyways. maybe not to anyone else.. your sites were decent and would like to have given the arty ones a try but after hearing all that ukranian i could not wait to uninstall luckily that went well and no problems have occured since my reload of soloviyko. so i give your program a half star out of 5. big fail.

  • Downloadspeed 3,5 KB/s with DSL 120.000…. 3 hours is a long time for 66 MB 🙁

  • Why the F you have the mod witch blocks my blind shots ffs. This is absolutly stupid. Blocks also some shots when an enemy is behind a penetratable wall

  • mod pack doesn’t work when i try to launch it it gives error message and says that something is missing

    • it works only in Russian version but would apreciate English Version

    • Gets the same.. fucking hate it when they update the game, and the previous modpack you have doesent work to the new update, just make me wanna quit..

      Had to change modpack after the last update to this, and i like it very much. buuuuut now it doesent work…….

    • same here, 152 error

  • Runtime Error (at 152:-2): Microsoft JScript compilation error: Expected`}` can`t install 100218-multipackbase.

  • The English version does not work as of June 15th 2015 at 18:30 GMT.

  • Thank you very much for this mod pack. It’s great. The second update works.

  • Looks very good,like the diff mods in the pack,but sadly game keeps crashing about every 2-3 matches.
    Wish i knew which component causes this.
    Switching to aslain in the meantime to do some testing,but will keep an eye out for protanki updates;)

  • at 9:15 after the shot, the indicator at the top of the display above the team in the middle where the marvelous images with critical matches as you what kind of a file that displays the in-game

  • yes same problem game crashes every 3-4 games

  • yes, game crashes every 3-4 games too!!!

  • It is not updated for 9.10 yet?
    It say it dont support 9.10 when I try to install

  • Is there a possibility to install this mod pack on a Mac? I assume that the installer package will not work, but a manual install will (if source files accessible)

  • After more than 5 hours of playing WoT, The game closes suddenly. Why ??? The mod makes the game close suddenly. plz fix !!1

  • great mod , helpful , the game is not the same without it , easy to install. Congrats. Thank you

  • hello. 🙂 i agree all

  • Hey guys! I installed some mods from the installer and now my game changed russian xD Could somebody help me to fix the problem? The WoT launcher is still german so…

  • cant send invites with the new 9.14 when playing !!!!

  • best mod ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its very useful

  • Easy Agario, Level and clan system.4 server.Large dots, small dots,Kid game.Points eating and growing.Be largest first

  • I have bad eyes and used protanks to stop the shaking leaves and grass. I think it likely a banned option and its worse on my eyes. I removed protanks, reloaded the game, removed the resmod folder and installed anslains mudpack but the solid trees and grass discolorations is still there. How do I go back to the normal leaves and grass graphics? it is driving me nuts.

  • well something worked because the waving leaves and grass are back but the garage is now greyish, the tanks are lighter coloured and the trees look like autumn. nothing is really green anymore. How can I correct the colour? I did select some colour blind options in a previous mudpack but removed them but they were just for icons.

  • мултипак отличный, масса удовольствий, но он не даёт возможность купить танк, не один танк нельзя купить пока он в установке, и ещё в гараже показаны только свои танки, рентованые не видны, их как бы нет, хотя по занятым местам в гараже они есть

  • version on EU out and problems with mods , plz update

  • Good modpack, but it takes over 2 hours to install it, very slow server, please look in to this problem, and this mudpack stops you from buying new tanks or to see rental tanks in your garage.

  • Hi Guys and girls, What can I say = This is an awesome modpack. I was previously using “JovesModPack_0.9.14_v25.2_Extended” and I must say that this is way much better modback with a lot more of useful features. Many of my friends have been suggesting to me to update it and I was simply ignoring them until today. Yes it does take time to download and to install the modpack, including setting your preferred features, but once installed you will not regret it.. Really cool features and choices (Thank you to all the people who were involved in creating it.) Anyway, if you spend as much time as I do on WoT I highly recommend to everyone to allow up to 1 hour (pending on your internet speed and your PC) to try it out.. P.S. Be Careful as you will fall in love with it 🙂 (www.miniworld.com.au)

  • thanks admin.very good mods

  • thanks admin.good mods

  • very good mod. Add Artillery Mod and be perfect

  • Is Pro Tanki mod free to instal?

  • Just loaded your modpack, session stats will not load for me. The Replay section is all in Russian or Ukranian though.

  • XVM stats do not show…

  • I hope new mod into xvm.

  • Krisztian Halmai

    Where can I find the download link for the newest version in the video?
    TY for help!

  • Будет работать на сервере Азия?

  • Works like a charm, I think the mod pack is boss. The DMG vs WN8 feature is fantastic, a great deal of useful mods in here. I read and speak Russian so nothing in the pack bothers me, however those that don’t its not that big a deal. Instillation is super easy in English, most of the mod pack is in English just a few of the stat things aren’t. Really fantastic, keep it up!

  • iyi mod süper teşekkürler.

  • when i install this mods, it show error popup ” current game version does not support this multipack. Mods appropiated for the game version 0.9.16″ how do i do?

    i already updated the game, but keep getting error message while choose game folder

  • virus is detected for the 9.16 ver 1

    • yeah mine too. ver 9.16 NA. won’t let me open it and avast is saying it has malware. sad cause i love this modpack. been using it for over a year

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  • do not download there is a virus . after download you will have a pop up for punto switcher which u also wouldn’t want to download but it’s not punto switcher it’s a virus and the only way to get rid of it is to reinstall windows DO NOT DOWNLOAD


  • I feel your pain… I used to try to bargain with my gym teacher to get out of runngni. If that didn’t work, I would keep my shoe laces tied really loose so that I would always have an excuse to stop. Too bad I didn’t have those shorts. at least I would have looked good while trying my best not to sweat.

  • 404 Error: Not found
    The page you trying to reach does not exist, or has been moved. Please use the menus or the search box to find what you are looking for

  • Crappy quality. After a while, commanders view doesn’t work anymore, server sights don’t work anymore. Restarting WoT or rebooting doesn’t help. Reinstalling mods doesn’t help. Noob coding.

  • , my fave is to boil up a bunch of parsnips and carrots (and I add potatoes and turnips sometimes too) and mash ‘em together with some butter and cream, and the herbs of your choosing … such a wonderful and easy side dish!

  • What are you a Phoenix fan? Thats why this is Phoenix first time making it past the first round right?? all i know is that they wont beat nashville.

  • best mod
    fast install and config

  • is there way to to translate into english?

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  • World of Tanks Admin

    Everyone who is using this modpack will be baned permamently

  • I keep getting this error since last few versions, it was working fine before 9.20. Whenever I try to start game I got this message regarding ‘unsynchronization of components related to ”Vehicles” (1001). Any idea what should I do ? Re-installed game and nothing, same error message. Thanks.

  • Help!!!!!!! Connection to the server has been interrupted Reason: unsynchonization of components related to “Vehicles” (1001)
    pls help


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  • Please include some decent gun sounds and engine sounds in your modpack. I would pay for such sounds. The vanilla ones are not very good

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  • Hi, patch #47 doesnt work properllly.
    I wait for # 48…
    Thanks keep up the good work

  • где паставить галачку чтобы паказывал уровень в цветах техники?

  • Hey. I wish for to drop you a quick note to verbalize my appreciation. I have been watching your site for several days along with have got a heap of excellent tips along with appreciated the way you have built your web site. I’m going to create my own site however I sense it’s extremely basic plus I need to focus further on certain topics.

  • Fucking russian piece of shit you can stick your fucking mods where sun dont shine,fucking piece of shit promoting his crap mods witch dont work,tell your pals to ask Puttin for real job not this fucking crap making mods

  • hi… the modepack is not working for me … i downloaded the latest update.. no. 67 and is not working… the image is frozen… cant move the mouse to look around the garage…. i can only see the tank selected… no other….. and i cant acces anything.(garage, store, barrack.)… nothing

  • version 68… same….. frozen garage

  • Hi, for some reason not working several mods:
    – commander camera (zoom-in zoom-out) not working
    – session stats not working

    any suggestions? maestro_BZ
    EU server

  • Not going to download and run exe files from unknow source.
    Make it a zip file you can unpack.

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  • Its not like others versions missing some things

  • whoah this weblog is wonderful i really like reading your articles.
    Keep up the good work! You recognize, many individuals are looking round for this info, you could
    help them greatly.

  • xvm do not work on eu…do something!!!!

  • very good mod! tanks

  • 1.2.1 14 и 15 рестартинг мой компьютер

  • Tornike Kutchava

    keep getting “updating garage” and not ending after version 44 and so on, version 43 works excellent. pls help

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  • Ich muss sagen dieser Mulitmao Pack ist Mega Genjal Gemacht.
    Zu dem auch noch Legal Erhältlich.
    Macht weiter so Kostenlose Multimod-Pack.
    Ein Kleiner Wunsch könnte man was erstelle um zu sehen wo man Durchschlägt und wo nicht beim Zielen.
    WarThunder hat das ja auch und warum sollte es bei WorldOfTanks nicht Legal sein.

    Also ich würde auch dann Werbung machen für ProTanki auf Deutsch Übersetzt und Leute Erklären wie die Instalation und so Funktioniert und wie es dann auch Fehlöerfrei Funktioniert 😉

  • Hi tankist,
    thx a lot for protanki mod
    i am new one here and i have few quesition, pls:
    1. in the right up corner i have green changin number – is it fps ? i cant see time counter in battle, is it able disable it ?
    2. i was using normal xwm and there was capability draw on minimap – is it possible also in protanki mod ?
    3. i was using normal xwm and there was in left up corner only data about tank, tier icon tank, nick name – now there is the same but on icon tank is also again number tier and again tank name – is possible disable this the same 2 info ?
    4. i was refreshing wn8 of players on xwm website but still i see no colors on our or enemies datas – how ?
    thx a lot for advice

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