[0.9.16] Modpack from djazzoff

The feature of this mod is its minimum and functionality. Djazzoff, the author, in his assembly gathered all the most popular and practical mods. With this assembly your results on the field of battle is much increased. The author tried to choose only the most essential mods. In modpack you will find the following mods:

– XVM – one of the most popular mods. This mod help you to know the result statistics and damage log and about shots to the enemy.

– Damage Log – will show how hard the enemy hit you, blocked, ricocheted the shot, the, type of enemy ammunition, reload indicator,

– 3D Artillery Camera – To turn on 3D camera use key G on artillery which helps you to see whats blocking your view on trying to shoot a tank. If you will hold key ALT while firing will give you a follow-up camera of a shot.

This modpack is absolutely legal  and you can not to afraid to get punished



Copy res_mods folder to your World of Tanks directory


djazzoff MOD Pack 9.16 (7 MB)


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