[0.9.16] Modpack from AnTiNooB v 28 for WOT

Modpack from Antinoob redesigned to the client’s version World of Tanks 0.9.16. Also, it is equipped with smart software-installer with the preview function of the selected mods from modpack. Before installing mods from AnTiNooB to avoid improper operation, we reccomend to uninstall any previously installed client modification of WOT.
Some of the mods:

– Voice with critical damage
– Tweaker
Р Customizable zoom mods
– The white skeletons of the destroyed equipment
– Damage Indicator
– Huge collection of sights
– Voice in fire
– Rewritten shells panel
– commander Review
– Easy minimap
– Advanced hangar
– No video after launch customer
– breaking zones in the form of skins

– and much more…

456 AnTiNooB-8 AnTiNooB-2

AnTiNooB-1 AnTiNooB-4

How to install:
Download the ModPack direct link or from torrent
Launch the installer and follow its instructions


Modpack from  AnTiNooB (130 MB)


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