[] ModPack by DjVirusPL – Instalator v4

Meet the most popular ModPack on the Polish forum. This ModPak has several versions. Each of which has an advantage. ModPak installed very easy, just download it and follow the instructions.

Collection of mods by DyVirusPL constantly updated. Paczka działa w wersji


Paczka modów z DjVirusPL:

Acurate Damage Indicator
Arcade-Sniper Switch Lag Fix + Max Farplane
Auto Aktywator Misji
Auto Equip
Batman’s Cave Hangar
Battle Assistant
Cap Circle Changer
Crew Skill Informer
Clan Mod
Czas Celowania
Czas przeładowania przeciwnika
Damage Panel Zayaz
Enemy indicator
Female Crew
Gold Premium Tanks
HitBox shaded
Lag Indicator
Long Spot Icon
Minimaps HD
Mod Circle (F9)
Night Mod (F2)
Paintball mod
Pin-Up Girls
Progress Indicator Text Mod
ReCo’s Vertical Techtree
Radial menu + Editor
Received Damage Announcer v2.5
Replace stalin inscriptions
Replay Menager
Rozszerzone informacje
Social Mod
Sound Modes
Spot Chat (F11) v25
Statystyki Sesji YK + KKK + Reset
Tessu TeamSpeak Mod
Total HP
VehicleExp Extended 1.08
Video Remover
White Dead Tanks HD
Zoom 30x + Jimbo 1.47 + NoShadow + ZoomOut + NoScroll + ZomIndicator + ShadowRemover + ProArty

Image-11 Image-8 Image-10



Jak zainstalować:

Pobierz i uruchom.
Postępuj zgodnie z instrukcjami.


ModPack-DjVirusPL-Full- (145 Mb)


ModPack-DjVirusPL-FULL-0.9.15-v2.exe (798 Mb)



To-co-misie-lubią-najbardziej-v2-9.15.exe  – This is what bears like the most (155 Mb)


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