ModPack by AtotIK (Update # 1 from 05.27.2015)

I present to your attention one of the oldest assemblies modifications for the game World of Tanks. ModPack is equipped with a convenient installer.

XVM v6.1.2
Replacing the standard game sounds:
The clock in the hangar.
Colored posts on the outcome of the battle.
Calculation results of battles, experience and credits per session on the server.
Sights with extended information.
Damage Panel: different Damage Panel.
Improved indicators in the game
White Dead Tanks
Old server sight.
Zoom: commander camera with the ability to disable the dynamic effects of the camera.
ZoomX: The multi sniper mode (x2, x4, x8, x16);
ServerCross: more accurate marker that shows the sight as he takes aim at the server;
Enable / disable the server sight on a particular key;
Information panel selected target.
Angles traverse
Deleting a blackout in the sniper scope.
Various interface improvements and performance.

* Listed are just a few modifications included in the assembly.


Follow the instructions. Installation is fully automatic.

Download: (22 Mb)

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