LAMP modpack for World of Tanks 9.14.1

LAMP is an abbreviation its full name is Lee’s ALL MOD Pack. LAMP is a huge assembly but completely with all useful modes and modifications. Modpack was created to maximize impact of the battle. It is legal Modpack.

The advantage of modpack is  multi-lingual installer which has the ability to display and show consumers pictures and voice acting mods to their installation. You can simply see the options and choose whatever interests you.




Modpack has:

  • LAMP’s  XVM
  • Mod Fog Remover
  •  Filter of Chat
  • Sounds
  • MeltyMaps mod
  • Mini maps
  • zoom mods
  • Zayas Damage Panel
  • 6th Sense mods
  • SafeShot
  • Mod “I’m Spotted”
  •  The direction of enemies gun on Mini-Map
  • Damage indicator
  • PMOD mod
  • ServerCross2
  • Well cposshairs (Jimbo’s, Deegies, MeltyMapsMathMod, RoughNecks, Soulza’s, and many more)

Modpack has more than 100 mods inside. There is only one minus of modpack; it is weighs 1 Gb.

Run the installer, and simply wait until all installed automatically.


LAMP modpack 1 GB


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