[] Jaqen XVM modpack 1.00

Hello commanders,

I decided to present you my own modpack. Some people already know me on the nickname Crabtr33ho. I formed the last three versions of the package but decided to try show you a very different package with a basic skeleton mods, which you know very well and we’ll see everywhere.

This modpack will be conducted in English, CZ. It’s never too late to learn a bit of English from the games that already, so hopefully it will like you.


– XVM 6.5.5
– YasenKrasen
– Battle Observer
– NoFog
– DamageLog by GambitER
– DamagePanel with angles
– Contour Icons
– Autoaim
– Crew extended by spotter
– Ver. TechTree

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1) first delete the directory “res_mods”.
2)Copy the entire directory “res_mods” to the folder with the game
3) Go to the address modxvm.com and activate the state


Jaqen XVM modpack (33 MB)

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