[9.17.1] Helpics Modpack v 2.1.1

Helpics – is a prohibition modpack with a lot of the most popular and useful cheats. In this assembly you will find everything you need. But watch out for the use of this modpack you can be punished by developers. Do not put any screenshots of the game in the Internet. The entire responsibility for the use of modpack falls on the player.

Among forbidden or so called cheat mods we want to note:

– Aimbot from Shaytan, Ogre and Proaim.

– 3 versions reload timer

– 10 versions sight: Jimbo, Jove, Taipan, Giacint, Bushmaster, Destroyer, Kellerman, Harpoon, Taipan 2…

– Tundra

– X-ray

– Shadows mod

– Lasers 2 types

– Sound mod first blood

– Fog remover

– White dead tanks

– 3 types indicator

– much more

4 3 2

All mods work on 100% but you need to delete the content from res_mods and make a clean installation.


Helpics Modpack (71 MB)


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