Download Heliomalt XVM Modpack

Heliomalt XVM Modpack v1.17.3 for World of Tanks

Heliomalt modpack has an installer that allows you to choose different XVM configurations as well as several selected mods that you do not need to install. Mods are installed exclusively in the mods and res_mods folder, the download takes place in the main WoT directory in the Heliomalt subfolder. Therefore, there is no need to look for installing different mods and modifications.

The installer has the ability to clear the mod, the res_mods folder and the WoT cache before installing, without deleting settings (preferences.xml) and any existing XVM settings. The “Remove WoT Cache” option should be selected during the first installation and, as a rule, no longer needed.


There are two versions of XVM available as a base configuration, one version (minimal), which only makes changes in the hangar and the second version (standard) adds some additional features in the battle. Below is a list of the most important functions:

In the hangar:

  • Gold and Free XP Locker
  • Premium buttons removed
  • 3 rows of tanks
  • all perks are visible (up to 8 pieces)
  • Clock and purse box removed
  • Active reserves with icons and timer
  • Extended information in a pop-up window
  • Automatic return Crew by default
  • camouflage net and tool box
  • checkboxes in the barracks
  • automatic entry (not at minimum XVM)
  • check of modpacks in the hangar
  • information about the server in the moved head of the hangar
  • daily and general statistics
  • Gunmark with progress

In the battle:

  • HP team display
  • tank class display with counter
  • alternatively standard
  • XVM marker
  • badge for players in the friends list
  • spotted marker for the opposing team
  • remote player panel switch
  • can be switched using Ctrl + Tab
  • display of the mark on the player panel
  • dots panel hits
  • if necessary, expanded display on the player’s panel and on the minimap when pressing ALT, including the name of the tank and the player,
  • extended circles on the minimap
  • HP display with a circle for each tank on the minimap
  • Repair timers on the damage panel
  • Safe Shot can be disabled by holding down the F12 key
  • much more

Important!!! This modpack can use players with color blindness.

In addition to the settings in World of Tanks, the installer offers two more tools for color blind. After setting up “Blindness”, go to the HP Team panel, which is also customizable. Therefore, if the option “With the HP Bar team” is selected, check the “Additional support for color blindness” box.



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