Gamers ModPack for 9.7 v0.3

Hello dear visitors of our website. We provide you with a new ModPack by the player Gamertech, where you can find your favorite mods, enjoyed himself Gamertech.

Gamers ModPaсk from Gamertech for World of Tanks 0.9.7 by (04/26/2015) differs from many other assemblies, it all balanced on a lot of beauty and usefulness, informative and convenience.


Accurate Damage Indicator
Ally Silhouette
Anti-chat spam blocker
ASIA Clan Icons
Aslains XVM Mod
Barebones XVM config
Battle Assistant
Choice of contour icons
Choice of sights – Jimbos, Meltys, Deegies, Roughnecks
Modified battle sights
Colourblind Support
DIY Mod Loader
Four’s FPS Mod
Gamer’s Anti-recoil Mod
Gamer’s HD Minimap
Gamer’s Multi Level Sniper Mod 2,4,6,8,10,12,16,20,24,30x
Gamer’s Zoom-out Mod
HD Icons
Improved Crew Skill Descriptions
Live WN8
Max Farplane Mod
Radial Menu by Locastan
Region Editor
Safe Shot
Scope Shadow Remover
Scrolling Battle Chat
Server save login and password
Serverside Crosshair
Startup Video Remover
Tank Carousel via XVM
Tank Info Panel
TeamHP Pool mod
White Death
Yasen’s Statistics Pack

How to install:



Gamers ModPack for 9.7 v0.3 (94 Mb)


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