Deathstation’s Clean & Simple modpack creation for WOT 9.20.1

In the composition of popular modpack the author adds useful and functional mods. Typically, this is the same mods. Today we offer a unique modpack. Modpack under the name Deathstation’s.

Deathstation’s modpack will allow you to create your own modpack, unique and unlike any others. There a handy installer that will allow you to create your own XVM configuration. To do it you need to select the desired mod from the list of proposed mods.

List of mods

  • Xvm Panel mod
  • Mod “I am spotted”
  • Zoom mode
  • Gun Constraints
  • Clock in Hangar and Battle Interface
  • XVM Standart Hitlog
  • Jimbo Crosshair mod
  • WN8
  • Yassen Krasen
  • Xvm Panels
  • Standart 6 Colors o
  • QuickyBaby 8 Colors



Deathstation’s modpack (9 MB)

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