[] Clean & Minimal Modpack

Hello everyone,

A small but effective collection of mods created player “theSwedishTankDriver”. This modpcak includes only the most necessary and popular mods, which extend battle intrefeys. ModPaсk is fully compatible with the new update.
Clean & Minimal Modpack4 Clean & Minimal Modpack3 Clean & Minimal Modpack2 Clean & Minimal Modpack1



Team HP Pools
“Vanilla” crosshair with gun marker from MeltyMap’sMathMod
Tweaked Damage Log by GambitER
Precision Damage Indicator by GreenWarriors
J1mB0’s Contour Icons
Session Stats by YasenKrasen
Minimal Info Panel
Damage Panel with Angle Indicator and Repair Timer by rakucip
Autoaim Indication + Snapping by Krzysztof_Chodak

How to install:

Download and unzip the archive.
Folder “res mods” copy and paste into the root of the game.


Modpack v.1  (18 Mb)

9.19.1 will be soon


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