[1.0.1] Clean & Minimal Modpack v3.6.4.4 by WorstUnicumEU

Today we would like to offer you modpack with useful mods inside:

– First of all own XVM Config from author.

– Team HP

– Damage panal from GambitER

– J1mB0’s Contour Icons

– PMOD mod (Free Camera)

– ServerMarker

–  Session Statistics

– Autoaim Indication + Snapping

– Sixth Sense Icon

– Lamp sixth senses

– Clock in hangar

– Plus more than 10 mods

CdxPfnU NzHGNDA grkT2Vc S59w18V aOcvqLH


Modpack 1.0.1 by WorstUnicumEU (18 MB)


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