Barrie’s modpack for WoT 0.9.7

Hello everyone,
Barrie’s modpack – small, compact modpak which includes major modifications. This modpack tested for performance and compatibility with other mods.

I didnt include the battle assistant mod, because i don’t know if that is legal already or not. If you want it anyway, the link:


 Upd: 01.05.2015



– Jimbo’s sight
– zoom out mod
– Jimbo’s Contour Icon Mod
– Xft damagepanel
– Jingles Voicemod
– Locastans UT voice Gen2 9.7
– Locastans Radial Menu 9.7 by Spoter
– Team HP pools
– ScopeShadowRemove
– Lagindicator mod
– YasenKreasen V1
– 30x 10lvl Smooth Scope Zoom
– autoaim-indicator

More screenshots:

barrie11 barrie10 barrie9  barrie7 barrie6 barrie5 barrie4 barrie33 barrie2 barrie

Thanks to XVM for including the macro’s for the spot mod (the mod that shows you which enemy is spotted, lost or neverseen),
the configuration for this part of the modpack isn’t working anymore. The icons that you see, are the new standard macro’s.
The infopanel config file is optimized for a 1920×1080 resolution. This can be changed in Game Directory\res_mods\0.9.7\gui\scaleform\InfoPanel.xml
Option included:
Jimbo’s Curse Mod 1.47:
Options –> several folders in here for the reticles. The most used one is Optimized – 2 circles
How to install another reticle:
-Go to your game map, Game_Directory\res_mods
-In here you’ll find the 9.7 map, open this one
-Here you’ll find the maps gui and scripts
-Open the jimbo’s Curse Mod 1.48, and go to Options
-Choose the reticle you want and open the map
-Open the map Data, and you’ll find the map gui
-Copy the map gui into Game_Directory\res_mods\9.7
-Select copy and replace
-Start your game, and the reticle of your choice will be in the game
Good luck and have fun with this modpack, and keep killing them enemies

For any questions open a ingame chat with me or contact me via another way.

How to install:

Download and unzip ModPack

Folders “res_mods” and “res” Copy to the root of the game, confirm the replacement!
– Go to, log in with your WoT account and activate your statistics.


Barries-Modpack- (27 Mb)

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