[] Aslains XVM ModPack v7

We present you a very convenient XVM Aslain for World of Tanks Everything is thought out and tastefully done. If you do not wish to configure XVM, markers, mini-map, and so on, then download and install itself this XVM mod

This ModPack considered the most popular in the European and US server World of Tanks

ModPack included:

  • Aslain’s XVM mod;
  • J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod;
  • Battle Shell Cooldown Buttons mod;
  • Damage Indicator;
  • Damagepanel GambitER;
  • Scope Shadow Remove;
  • Kiskami paintball mod;
  • Received Damage Announcer;
  • Effective armor calculator.
  • And many others



More Screenshot:

-aslains-01 aslains-02 aslains-03 aslains-04 aslains-06

How To install:

  • Download ModPack
  • Start launcher and follow the instructions

Download WOT


  • the 40 mb file is 9.8 mb…it have a problem ?

    • Mod pack installer for 9.8?

    • love the mod-pack. only problem i can see is as for me an intermediate tech savvy guy its easy to use and change for my needs but for your average noob sitting there with his glass of milk looking for the cookies it could be a little more user friendly with few more instructions. but for some a Tolstoy novel would not be enough instructions. keep up the good work Pls.

      • Agreed, some modpacks show in a picture what you are installing by choosing it, that is something aslain does not provide, for a veteran it is all clear but I remember back that I made some terrible mistakes just clicking things on and off, but learned by doing so…

      • Toni_Matesic1

        you have got the QB modpack it’s a litte easier to learn

    • i see your mods are for b i try to install computer says its wrong version for game my game says have uninstalled and re installed game but its same version each time says its up to date ?? can you help me

    • Just updated, bought Cent 5/1 RAAC and it doe not show in garage. work fine in safe mode.

    • Can’t install anything because the “Next” button is not there. When I click on show description (image window). It removes the “Next” button not allowing me to install anything. How to get back “Next” button?

  • The Installer is the exact same file as the mod

  • It f**ks the game completely – WoT doesn’t even load.

    After uninstalling and screwing with some files I got the game back to stock.

  • When i launch the installer it opens up the language part but then it just closes by itself and doent do anything…. what can i do to fix that. to install the modpack…?

  • This is a well packed mod BUT it gives you too many choices for something that overlaps, like it has happened to me.

    On the lower centre of my screen I have 2 items that share the same space and I don’t know how to access one of them to delete it. Also, having a dark red text with a dark shadow is a bit pointless because it is hard to read and that is not good in the heat of the battle.

    I would like for him to tell me how to fix it by either deleting one of the two info panels or moving it to another place of the screen.

  • the best mods ! thx. aslain .

  • Any chance that we’ll get a 9.7 installer? The installer is still 9.6, despite this being marked as 9.7 ready mod pack. Thanks, Aslain! Love your modpack!

  • This is NOT a 9.7 mod pack. This is for 9.6. Why did you post this?????

  • I downloaded the 9.7 zip and there is no executable file to run, not sure how to install this (since it doesn’t seem that we have an installer yet), can anyone provide a instruction? I tried to copy everything under wot/res_mod/0.9.7 directory but it doesn’t work, Thanks!

    • I think I get it lol I was being dumb, thanks still.

      Also an installer would be great just so we can modify our settings. thanks!

      • Madelein, I saw you on Fox news. My fiance and I too are corenevativss who have taken the battle to the left. On your website you list your Mom as your super hero. Well the genes certainly traveled to you also. You may be 16 but make no mistake, you’re a hero. Keep speaking out, keep fighting the good fight. You have lots of people out there who has your back. Hope to find and follow you on Twitter.God Bless you and your family!!

      • It’s posts like this that make surfing so much pleasure

  • thanks for the pac.
    I’m havign trougle, of course, with getting jimbos xhairs to work and the spg sniper G mode
    any suggestions?? * besides getting a real tank etc*


  • Go to Aslains home site
    Use the 4.3 version listed under “9.7”. It is some kinda jackleg version until EU is finished w/ the Warsaw tourney. EU is still on 9.6 This 4.3 works fine for me, but I can’t get the top right battle screen WN8 damage tally count down. The one that starts with a negative damage score till u reach the required damage for WN8 to go positive.

  • Hi, every time starting the battle my WoT automatically close by itself. Any idea why?

  • Hello. I like when I see in battle WN8 1900 no 87 how I change it please ? 🙂

  • First time using this mod. I’m updating to v4.3.4 from v4.3.0 and have a question: do I have to uninstall 4.3.0 before installing 4.3.4?

  • Hi there. First of all great job with the mod pack. Cannot imagine to play without it. There is one issue that stops me from checking all options available: to check them all I have to do separate installations… Is there any chance to put pictures in installer to see how certain mod looks like? I mean picture on a side after highlighting certain mod/option. Doing another installation to check it all takes hell of a time. Because of that I never tried them all, and I use your modpack for quite long time.

  • Hi, every time starting the battle my WoT automatically close by itself. Any idea why?
    After i remove mod game is ok.

  • How do I remove players stats over the tanks, so I can see their names (WG set up) ?

  • work. No marker reload

  • add the mod that you can see then everywhere pls also when they didnt are spodded

  • this mod pack is very good .

  • This is not for 9.8. Even Aslain on his website doesnt have the mod. This is mod for 9.7 probably…

  • Am I the only one who DL this pack very slowly ? 20Ko/S ?

    • No but thats just because we are many people DL this great work 🙂

    • Ya, I’m getting 10 kb/s. Decided not to put on the clan icons for the moment, a half hour for the family guy voice-mod is slow enough as it is. Perhaps Aslain might consider using more mirrors for downloading larger mods, if it’s not done like that already.

  • When can we expect to see an installer for 9.8?

  • session statisstic don’t work in garage in pro mod installer ?

  • im using the most recent 9.8 installer, there seems to be a problem with me where ill be at the battle loading screen but when It goes to put me in the game it it stays on the battle loading screen. both the music starts and I can move the mouse and the icons above my allies will appear as i move my mouse around

  • So to make this work with the patch which includes the domination mode you have to rename the folder from 0.9.8 to

  • What mod am I selecting that’s preventing me from scrolling smoothly into sniper mode? I have to press shift and it’s annoying….

  • this mod pack crashes to desktop and black screen..v4.4.6.981

  • Sexdictator Lucifer

    No scope zoom mod?

  • From last version, 9.7, mod displays only WoT rank in game (XVM statistic). I dont know how to change it back to WN8?!

  • Best ModPack !! PL

  • i heve some issue with geting ready in team battle mode and plattons

  • Max Mustermann

    I think you have some serious problems to articulate…

  • Hello, who explain to me how i install after download the modpack installer?

  • when i go to log into my game after the launcher, it keeps trying to put me into a european server and cant log me in, how do i change it so it will try to log me into a american server

  • So, to get this on 9.9 working, i need to install the 8.8 version and dan the 9.9 part to overwrite it?

  • Hi when I uninstall aslains mods I can´t play World of Tanks. Where I made mistake and how can I fix it?

    • You probably deleted the folder that holds mods.
      Go to World of Tanks folder
      Click res_mods
      If you dont have a folder with the name 0.9.9 then thats your problem
      All you have to do is create a new empty folder with that name and run the game

  • this mod has way to many broken links. you can not install announcer, sounds, icons for xvm and half of the other mods do not work. its crap!

  • Thank you for your excellent mod pack’s over the years, always well done and timely. Good work.

  • match game clock not working, only shows ” -:- ” so have no idea how much time is left in each match, hanger clock displaying real time is ok.

    any one have this issue or know a fix
    only current mod is Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v.4.5.3_99.exe

  • lol fajer J”a wot client “a mods

  • when i instal this mod my pc get shut down and game is not opening

  • how come zip is 10m and exe is 91m ?!?
    it smells like VIRUS TO ME !!!!!!

    • I think the zip is the personal settings of Aslain and the exe, the whole installer

    • That’s not a virus, the zip is only a folder you copy/paste into WoT’s folder and with the .exe, you’ve got an installer.
      With the installer, you ca

      • That’s not a virus, the zip is only a folder you copy/paste into WoT’s folder and with the .exe, you’ve got an installer.
        With the installer, you can choose what you want to activate or not. 😉
        PS: sorry for the double post, that’s a misclick.

    • It’s because its contents differ. zip is only aslains mod while the exe contains his modpack which offers alot of other mods.

    • Been usin this mod pack since he first started but if you don’t wanna trust myself and how tens of thousands of players who use it with every patch update then go use another one. But trust me this is the most comprehensive pack out there and offers the cleanest screen positions over every other creator. Yes I’ve spent hours apon hours (probly a week in total time) downloading them, installing them, and deleting them. None compare to Aslains.
      Thanks for the hard work and dedication man really appreciate it o7 🙂

  • Czemu to tak długo ściąga!!!?????

  • where can I get just the install file. Not buying win zip and already used the trial

  • The installer works great but when I finished choosing all my mods it downloads them at 5KB/s , while ive got 25 MB/s connection… everything else works great…

  • lol nice 9.10 update. I use minimal mods and it crashes before log screen.

  • After installed. I cant log in game… is there any mods didnt comparable with 9.10?

  • I get this error on the pre-battle load screen: ARRAY: expected, got “]” at 52:5 in “res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain\carouse.xc”

  • All the 9.10 releases are extremely bugged. Game crashing randomly after installing this modpack. Many features are not available. Downloads do not complete during installation. Refrain from installing this pack till issues are fixed.

  • Loaded aslain 4.6.4 but the tank icons are not seems as in the verison before. Is this a problem with my game only??

  • ej sa chce miwć tą grę

  • [9.10 / 9.12] Aslain’s XVM ModPack v4.6.49 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Really for 9.12 ???????????????????????????????????????
    Game even not start with this………………

  • Just installed. I’m getting the 500mx500m view square vice the new and improved 560m circle.

  • Chtěl bych se zeptat kdy bude funkční mod , používám alsains a jsem velmi spokojen jen ted se mě nerozeběhne, naskočí mě stranka ve čtverci a pak to zmizi. Děkuji za onfo

  • why do not start ???? When fixed this?

  • Installed but the game starts at normal mode

  • Hey guys..i just have one simple question.

    the earlier mods always had a kind of statistic in the garage where all the fights of one day are together and also the deaths or the kredits i got for this day were at that statistic..
    what i have to activate in the setup exe when i install the mod for this statistic?

  • So, is this fixed yet?

    Most mods cause(d) the game to crash after the login screen yesterday (18th)
    I don’t know what specific mod but I had to completely delete the modpack out of the folder in order for WoT to work.

  • How do you change the mods installed without running the entire loader again?

  • Jsem jedinej komu se vypne celá hra po skončení bitvy ??

  • nejsi jediný komu se vypne hra, hlavně to i blbne kdyř se hra načítá :-/

  • Tak to ted stahnu a zkusim to jestli to už je opravené .-) jelikož aslain je jeden z nejlepších modu .-)

  • Leopard 2 Commando

    Does the Sixth Sense mod work during battle? I don’t see the light bulb and alert sound during battle.

  • File 102MB download time more than 2h …. Could you do something with it??

  • Download speed is 6Kbps 🙁

  • no fuckin way?! can u do somethin mate? 3-6 kbps download speed ;/

  • No jodas! Porqué no los pones en torrent??? 300 megas de conexión para descargarme a un mísero k…

  • a half hour to download 9.13.00???? really

    • Half an hour? I’d love that… I have to wait 8 hours 🙂 Approx speed is about 5kb/s so consider yourself lucky. Rly so many ppl are downloading it for 2 days time now, hence the shit speed? Hard to believe

  • Hi

    you have got a great mod pack, thanks a lot for.

    can you edit minimap zoom in your modpack ? It just missing it… ( if you put on CTRL that minimap comes big middle in the screen you know it ? )

  • v. 9.13 has a problem. I cannot open it when it finished download

  • ok so theres a bit of a bug in your newest wot pack once installed you cant research anything in game (next tank in line,guns,tracks ect.) other then that it works great. i had to uninstall the mod intaller log into game, research what i needed to, log out and reinstall pack not sure if this was noted yet or not

    • Theres a lock next to your free xp in the top right corner, “unlock” it by pressing it and you’ll be fine

  • witam.
    pomocy coś namieszałem w plikach :(((((((((( wczesniejsza paczka śmigala aż miło a ta nie odpala

  • Hey man, how to install the 9.14? It only have the folders, but I copied on the installation folder and didn’t work. Do I have to use the 9.13 installer?

  • dobrý den přesně jak piše gabriel, a chci se zeptat bude opět aslain jak býval? prozatim jsem svama velmi spokojen, doufam že nebudu muset hledat nový mod. pěkný den

  • is there posibility to add damage asisted for scouts in the panel damage? thank you

  • There is no Launcher in the 9.14 update-pack?

  • Why there are no any installer like previously?

  • shut tha FUnk up 😛

  • Thanks for providing a FREE SERVICE and a GREAT PRODUCT at that. It’s been what 24 hrs ?
    If you people have a complaint at least make it sound like you appreciate what they are doing for you.
    If you are giving them a hard time I would expect you to be big contributor $$$. Just my 2cents.

  • hi i putted the aslains the 100mb + pack mod… after having thousands of problems and couldnt realise why the hell i cant invite or join a platton in a battle i figure here about the damage penetration mod that we have to tickle off so it was ok… but now i have 2 more issues… i cant make bigger the minimap is so tinny i cant even see an elefant… and the xvm statistics are gone… even if i upodated in the site… any clues about that guys? i am 2 hours installing uninstalling to figure out what is going wrong…

  • Dont see the recieved damage log, when playing, as shown in the last screenshot?

  • 6.5 KB/s download speeds? Seriosly?

  • Wait a couple more days and you will have everything you guys want. Havent you ever been thru an update before?

  • Just wanted to post a Thank You for putting this out there. Love having everything in one easy-to-use installer.


  • Hi there! I liked the XVM for 9.13 alot and thanks a lot for the hard work. Now I tried installing the 9.14 after WOT did the update. Now I am always stuck in the garage with the wheel turning and “loading interface”. is there anything I have to do? Thanks

  • Why when i install mods that weight around 40-50 mb the Aslain mod with the instalation program 103MB file instals only 9mbs of it ? And can some1 help me why i dont hear guns souns even after downloading the game again ?

  • Yes, thank you for the distribution, much obliged – but what happened to the 15m “bushes” circle when hitting F9? That was really handy…

  • The installer currently throws a 404

  • Hi, today I installed WoT v. #144. Later i downloaded the new aslain modpack v9.14.21.
    After clean setup WoT says “Game resource path does not exist: ./res_mods/

    What can I do now? I can only start in safe mode!

    Thx man for help

  • I have better question. How to completly uninstall Aslain mods?

  • all the mod pack installers seem to be having issues today. I have tried 2 or 3

  • I cant get aslains to load in on the ASIA server,have tried 3 times, even tried circonflexes mod but it doesn’t load in either,any idea why??
    or just asia server sucks arse

  • I would like righteous man the hitlog.

    Thank you.

  • Witam a czy mozna pobrać osobno te mody ? Chodzi mi o jeden tylko.

  • got this error message what shall I do to correct this ?

    exception eacessviolation module
    aslains_xvm-wot-modpack_installer v.9.14.23.tmp at 02212e38
    access violation at address 02213e38
    write of address 02213e38

    how do i fix this ? WGLNAJingles

  • F c\yvctu\yvf\xcvfttttttttttv\zfyts\Ydfyasucfztfxgczgcgzfcgadscfgz\hc\zgfdc\ghfxccxz\hg\fdxhg\zfc gfvchZGFdsyurtaurtaf675fzgczfgvfgzysdfgzvcgfvh\gf

  • The problem i had with this update is when i installed it and started the game then try to do a battle my game stops at the loading screen and wont let me into the battle. then it sometimes just crashes

  • Is this mod pack working for anyone? when i tried to use this version i couldn’t go into a battle.

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  • why do I have to load the mod pack every time I want to change settings? Where’s the short cut to settings?

  • For weeks, this modpack has been causing BSOD of PC everytime I alt tab out of tanks and launch another application such as web browser. It does not crash immediately but it takes a few minutes. If I am tabbed into the game, the crash does not usually happen untill a random time. Sometimes the BSOD happens when going to battle results screen, once it even happened before the results screen resulting in me not being awarded completed mission. I am really not willing to turn off 100 mods one by one, trying to find which one causes this. My PC is i5 (older gen), R9 290X, win 7, 8 GB ram. Running on SSD where the game was installed to, not copied. How can it be fixed?

    I also have a friend who does not get these BSODs, instead his WoT game crashes quite often when this modpack is installed.

  • The 9.15. mods are quite broken.

  • Don’t download 9.15.00 – at this stage it’s so broken that it makes game practically unplayable. Shows dead tanks like alive, don’t show any damage done by you or your teammates, after few minutes crashes. I don’t know why they post it without checking if it works.

  • Yep 9.15.00 is a mess – after an hour and a half of toggling mods the game still hangs during hangar load. I’ll just stick with the very core mods for now.

  • After instalation of 9.15.00 entered battle and ‘BUUUM’ … can”t shoot !!!

  • did and install of the installer and it hangs on the sync of discounts. had to remove and … after trying to eliminate different mods in aslains installer… but fell asleep as it was boring…. installed quicky baby’s mod pack so I could starting play….3am EST Canada 26 may.

  • i am getting crush when i try go back to the garage after my tank get destroyed. what should i do ?

  • Hi, how i keep my old preferences every time i update the Aslain Mod?
    Now i have to chek every one af all this and it is vary difficult

  • come posso attivare il mod ?

  • i untick the minimap zoom when i do the set up i reset everything and when i push ctrl zoom comes in the middle of the game any ideas how to stop that hapen?

  • Hey, I installed it but it’s not giving me team stats. Did I miss something that I need to configure? help would be appreciated.

  • no powiedzmy ze moze byc

  • Hey is it auto update on this modpack? And if how to use it?

  • why does it say 10 hours to download 1/10th of 1 gig?

  • WTF !!!! ???? max 16,6KB/S ? !!! i download 125MB 3,4Hours… and i have 9,8MB/S

  • same shit do what slovacik say before!

  • Why is this download always so slow? Cannot even reach 50 KB/s

  • wtf is anyone getting error message in game ” no disk in drive d”

  • russell dewitt


  • helou guys I will download mod for artyleri but I dond know. Please help me 🙁

  • po wgraniu paczki gra nie uruchamia się (zrzut na pulpit i po sprawie), wszystkie poprzednie wersje działały a ta niestety nie

  • Can downloading go ANY slower? Gee, 132 MB in 2 hours on a 120MB/s connection……..

  • ki_c_ka_fe_sa

    Bonjour, j ai quelque probleme avec le modpack, pour affiche t il la cote wot alors qu avant il afficher le wn8 des joueurs? et lorsque je selectionne certain mod dans la configuration manuel il ne s applique pas en jeu? ex: selection icone par riskynet’s et icone webium en jeu?

  • is there a better site to use for modpacks? its getting harder and harder to download aslains, I like his features but its like I have to spend hours each patch trying to get game running again with his. anyone with smoother mod installer?

  • Is there a reason we can no longer download the old style modpack where we just drop it in the res_mods folder? I cannot get this new installer to work at all. No mods get installed, I cannot select the XVM stuff in the installer, and I still find it a bit sketchy to run an exe. Just letting us download the old style files would be GREATY appreciated. And thanks for everything you do, I really love your mod pack.

  • This pack not work very well.

  • Admiral Zombie

    Can I set the language to a known language. This sets everything to Polish or something. I tried in the laucher but it’s still Polish in the game menus.

  • This mod pack does not work at all. You can’t select things when its downloaded. Everything is select off and you can’t select. I find this a shame from aslain because i love his mod packs. Hoop he fix it fast so everybody that love his mod packs can play good again. Also i hope he can find a profider where downloading is going easyer and better the last is going whores and whores to get his mod packs.

  • na píču….nejde polovina toho zaškrnout…..a to sem přeinstaloval celou HRU :/ takže to je vypíčený tu tady 😛

  • navíc je to v9.15.1.00 takže i když zaškrtám co de…stejně to nejde 😛 je to nějáky pomrdaný…nikdy sem ten problém neměl….so fu ASLAIN big shit…only waste of my TIME

  • navíc je to v9.15.1.00 takže i když zaškrtám co de…stejně to nejde 😛 je to nějáky pomrdaný…nikdy sem ten problém neměl….so fu ASLAIN big shit…only waste of my TIME !!!

  • Aslain official website: http://aslain.com

    Latest version:

    v9.15.1.00 (28-07-2016):
    – initial version for WoT
    – please note that in this WG update thet changed actionscript from v2 to v3, that alone change affected many mods if you cannot find them that means they weren’t updated and aren’t working anymore.
    – split XVM from the rest of modpack (now you can install single mods without XVM and it’s leftovers)
    – removed install option: Clean Install without XVM (obsolete)
    – many mods were updated, many disabled… the list is too long (wait for update)
    – greyed out mods are disabled untill I find new updates for them.

    Please read an official message before you start qqing that it does not work

  • dlaczego nie mogę wybrać w nowym programie żadnej opcji aż do modpack (mody niezawierające XVM)?

  • there are no tanks in the garage – not the bottom where there are tanks

  • dont work good

  • fuck you aslain

    google drive executable is a virus

  • doesnt work key ESC and left CTRL in game, i cannot quit ;/

    • I have the same issue. I’ve been alt + F4 to close the game and restart…. sucks, but this is still my favorite modpack!

  • having trouble with the latest mod pack when everything is said and done with it wont let me play the game due to the folder not found and when I add the folder the mods wont work

  • Hey guys, try to avoid using Gnofather’s gun sounds for a while, they cause my game to crash. Just letting you know.

  • the new version of 68MB , comes with virus that changes the functions of the explorer , and when you install the ModPack , antivirus stop the installation by several changes that own ModPack changes on the computer.

  • Proč balik funguje jen na pul, nejde tam vse zaskrtnout, napriklad 3 radkova garaz a ostatni jine veci nejdou 🙁

  • SnapShot_calin

    Aslain buddy, I love everything you did and do for this mod pack but the latest one it’s a mess. I hope you’ll sort it out asap.
    Good luck and Thank you!

  • Does anyone have a copy of the 9.15.34 mod pack? This pack is a legacy version for the

  • The modpack is almost perfect, however, i would like to add that you didn’t really have to add the ugly and way too colorful contour on the ingame-tankname panels, it’s the only reason im not using the mod, but else than that it’s the most perfect i WOULD use, if you’d go for default WG contours i’d be so happy and many more. (sorry for being arrogant)

  • Every time i install this modpack all the XVM stuff like color stats is blocked out, it wont let me click on them. All the Non-XVM stats are mostly there but the colors are all missing and most of the ridicule mods are gone as well…any way to fix the problem? It hasnt mattered which site i use to download the modpack the result has been the same. Did a clean sweep of the modpack after the 1st time and tried a reinstall choosing a different website but still the same modpack and everything and the same problem continues to occur. Also when i had it installed the 1st time with the new patch the escape Key and the control Key wouldnt work and I had to Alt F4 out of the game if I died.

    • Wargaming changed the way mods work with the last update, so until everyone that makes mods switches over there won’t be many to choose from.

  • Something is odd with the downloaded modpack. I have a fairly fast machine (OCed FX-8350, 16GB ram, SSD…), but when I try to access the .exe it slows my computer to a crawl, even when the comp isn’t doing anything else. It takes about 30 seconds just to start to open the file (used to be instantaneous, as with all other files). And the progression through the initial popups takes minutes….

    Anyone else seeing this?

    • Just by clicking once on the file, it locks explorer (or whatever it is called in Windows 10) up for about 30 seconds and it says “not responding” in explorer title bar. This is the only file on the computer (that I know of) that does this…

    • Yes, same as my situation, the antimalware in Windows 10 occupied 30%+ of my CPU usage after I tried to run the exe , futrhermore, it even started scanning when I opened the download folder

    • If i disable Win 10 antimalware, no problem.

  • no comment

  • mod listesinin yarısından fazlası aktif değil. Acilen düzeltilmeli.!!

  • NeedToLearnPolish

    Been using this mod pack for ages, first time I’ve had a problem, my whole game turns into Polish language after running it. Please get this fixed…………………..

  • doesnt start

  • what can i do

  • Aslain, any thoughts why:
    1. When I try to install the latest version there is no client detected, like it was in all the previous mods (this basically autofilled all my previous saved options)
    2. When I try to install the mod it’s saying that the World Of Tanks is not installed there even though that is pointing to that path
    3. After I install the selected mods it’s throwing that new window with those check boxes if you want to clean the res_mods (RECOMANDED) all those options left, and even though that I select the clean install, the mod is not installed, and the folder is empty with no data in it.

    Bottom line I cant use the mod my firend I have to be honest that I suck now at WOT after 10K matches played with your mod. Now I’m like a noob who can’t even hit a shit with that basic aim and all those option.

    Can you please respond to this and maybe I can help you?

    Old user of your mod.

  • To Remove the Polish comments, at the very bottom of the MOD options, there is a field to deselect the POLISH LANGUAGE. it may not say it just like that, but how bout RTFM? Read through every option before you gung-ho through the selections and waste peoples time.

    • Sorry – i meant Polish Language. Not Polish comments.

    • Using 9.16 and noticed others stating to deselect the Polish language in the MOD options, but it doesn’t exist for this version. I have looked through all of the options several times and the game selection is English as well. How do we change from Polish to English for the game play?

  • On the Forum, the very last post shows –>

    Aslain Posted 7 hours ago:
    v9.15.1.04 (01-08-2016):

    …but the download link only shows v9.15.1.03.

  • Installed same copy on 2 PCs, works fine on 1. The other has no xvm after countdown, other mod features missing and no sixth sense. After battle garage is frozen with only the tank visible. wtf?

    • I had that same problem when I tried this pack a few days ago, I ended up using a different one, gonna try this one again to see if its been fixed.

  • Hello\
    installed latest version. Works well, but the language on the screen is Polish. How can I change that in English. I did not see it in the mod options when I installed it.

  • Cannot press CTRL while in game, pretty annoying bug.

  • Shite mod.. Worse piece of shit i tried

    Tab button dont work – u cant click on minimap – u cant use ESC if u die

    • In the time it took you two wunderkinds to write some hateful shit, you could have googled that and found out it’s a conflict with the custom server cross-hairs. Remove that option and you’re golden.

  • i install mod and is ALL on polish! How to switch language?

  • The minimap doesn´t shows enemys last known position.
    How can i activate`?

  • this mod pack is missing some thing I can’t get to open and installing it start the game said’s error will not start up

  • something’s still wrong with it, my client will not completely open, it crashes before it gets to the login screen

  • saludos este mod pack es muy bueno y ya tengo 2 años usandolo pero desde que salio la nueva version del juego cuando se actualizo el mod no se porque al iniciar siempre me saca del juego y en algunos mapas hay cuadros negros en el terreno por lo cual decidi instalar otro paquete para ver si se debia a mi tarjeta de graficos pero no es asi todo va bien por favor si pudiesen solucionar este problema no se si alguien mas lo tiene gracias

  • Just unzip to the World of Tanks folder???

  • gracias por la respuesta pero sigue igual se elimino las manchas negras en los mapas pero al querer iniciar batalla sigue reiniciando el juego y es molesto que al empezar una batalla se reinicie el juego seguire probando

  • brak lecacych pociskow

  • give hire more VIDEOs :P!!!!

  • bad mod , pc turnet off no chance log to the game , crap !!!!

  • witam, po instalacji modów nie widzę toru lotu pocisku… strzelam i widzę co jedynie miejsce gdzie pocisk uderzył a gdy odległość jest spora nawet tego nie ma. Jest to strasznie irytujące. jakiś pomysł jak to naprawić? Pozdrawiam

  • Tutorial how to earn gold for World of Tanks https://youtu.be/nUqjC7IKL6k

  • hi can somebody please help me when in game i click on option for xvm but it doesnt do anything also the the option for latest update on aslains mod doesnt do anything either. plus the stats for win rate and such do not appear and the oppositions health on there tank doesnt appear unless spotted please help me as this would be graetly appreciated.
    on another note i think that your mods are great to use and really do help in game i have also passed the link onto many friends who are also having the same issues but also love using aslains mods as they make the game far better as the extra info really does help to make better decisions in game and therefore make better choices and increase you chance to win.
    i know wot are bringing out similar things which are included in these mods but tbh we would rather stick with aslains as his have so much more to offer and we would like to thank him and all the other people who make these mods for there hard work that they put in for all of us so thank u all very much it is very much appreciated.

  • William Jackson

    My fire mouse button does not work correctly, it fires on reload, on vanilla it works fine, any ideas?

  • well I have downloaded this mod pack I can’t get the fold to open up in install it what up with that so if you can tell whats going on with this would be great ?

  • settings are disabled with 9.16.00

  • Total crap, game client crashes before login, used different settings but doesn’t work AT ALL!!!! Waste of time and effort.

  • FYI, when in an arty and you hit shift to switch to arty view, controls lock up, all controls become unresponsive. Only option left is to restart and get in close enough to fire and get killed.

  • Referring to the 9.16 beta in my previous post.

  • Running win 10 64 bit home and every time I try to access the install file the built in malware will go all crazy… even opening the folder will make go nuts… and ideas?


  • Czterej Pancerni i Pies

    W modzie głosowym z filmu”Czterej Pancerni i Pies” nie działa odgłos wystrzału poza tym świetna paczka modów

  • unable to play arty too when i push “shift” my arty freeze

  • long time i saw so bugged issue

  • Hello,

    Thanks for your modpack, I want to report a problem. I use the sessions statistics, since I tried to install the mod this patch the notifications on the bottom right dont work at all, I cant see my battle results, I cant see my sesssions statstics or anything.

  • Nie moge wejść do gry po zainstalowaniu paczki …. wywala mnie z początkowej strony w trakcie ładowania


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  • Czterej Pancerni i Pies

    Ten sam problem u mnie AROPOL po zainstalowaniu wyłącza grę przed ekranem zamiast ekranu logowania. Pozostaje czekać na poprawki programistów a szkoda bo dobry modpack z instalerem.

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  • si vous rencontrez des problème alors votre ordi n’arrive plus a suivre les mises a jour vous devez en changer ou changer votre processeur ainsi que votre carte graphique .

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  • When entering battle with this mod it takes me to battle training instead of random battle using V9.16_25

  • sa va f cu modurile voastre , jucati curat si frumos

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  • I love this mod pack but the most frustrating thing is how hard it is to start using, many of those mods are only in Russian or Polish but there is no indication of this (granted most do, but some do not) but for me the biggest problem is the crosshair screen shots are largely out of date, meaning what they show is not what the player gets in game, which is unfortunate, because it makes it very hard to choose a crosshair.

  • Sory but this test mod didnt work!

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  • am I blind or is J1mB0’s Crosshair been removed?

  • J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod does not work on Aslain’s XVM ModPack v9.17.02 ?
    How can I activate the crosshair?

  • I installed the file of 10 megs but at the time of playing I did not appear the statistics nor the look of the mod, I must install the one of almost 100 megs so that everything is well, or has the same problem?

  • witam przy instalaci wyskakuje błąd :wystąpił bład podczas próby zmiany nazwy pliku w folderze docelowym kod 183 bład podczas wykonywania movefile

    • nekadar yıkıcı olmuÅŸuz böyle yerlerin çoÄŸalması gerek arkadaÅŸlar.busene yaptığım tatili anlatayım.eÅŸim 5yıldızlı hotelden yerayırttı gittik daha resepsiyonda eÅŸime.eÅŸiniz türbanlı diyer müşterilerimiz rahatsız olabilir ono göre faliyetlerimiz yok beyfendi.bizde hemen istanbula geri dÃakÃd¼k.¶rnadaÅŸlar burası benimde memleketim yıkıcı olmayalım tabiyiki hakkımızıda yedirmeyelim allaha emanet.

  • all of XVM mods working except birds eye view using the G key ??? reloaded mod pack many time but no help ?

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  • LOL no J1mbo crosshair ….dont lie ppl

  • extended autoaim is probably broken

  • Cannot find Jimbo Crosshairs, cannot get the stats to work correctly and my zoom in will not work past 25.

    I have used Aslains’s mudpack before normally have no issues, so far have downloaded


    same issue with each one


    Frustrated tanker!

  • There is a problem with the zoom in/out,
    Sometimes I need first to zoom in to be able to zoom out.

  • Pls add battle assistant mod

  • its OK long TIME :Pty……

  • Just installed your modpack Asian Server. LOVE IT. Flawless. No problems. Best Mod pack out there.
    The rotating, flashing police lights looked fantastic on my AMX 40 going around Karelia. Thanks Aslain.

  • Had to do a clean download and install of WOT before I could get the Mod Pack to work as it should without errors. All good now thanks Aslain.

  • anyone how know if aslain is till work with new pach?

  • I used custom installation and did not work. I do not know which mod does not work in pack.

  • AppData\Roaming\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks\modsettings.dat

    “An error occurred while trying to rename a file in the destination directory:
    MoveFile failed code 183”

    Is it possible for me to fix this manually?

  • This mod pack has just made my day!

  • Hi!
    Ty for modpack, but I have a question.
    Duke Nukem crew voice mod possible will be? Thank for answer.

  • I always use aslain MOD
    But. . .
    It is disturbing when aslain.exe trying to download .7z files. It is always SLOW even your speed is good.
    is it the server problem due to bandwidth? if yes , Aslain should move to another server.
    what you can expect at 17kbps even your file just 32MB? so frustating

  • I finally am able to download the mod pack without getting sucked into Adf.ly and now it is taking forever to download. Don’t get me wrong, I love the mods and how they all work together. It has taken me so long to get past the adf.ly.

  • downloaded modpack but no launcher came up. Instructions say click on launcher but saw no launcher any help?

  • can you download the modpack without the installer?

  • Cristian Stark

    hi, i already select the mods that i want but the “next” button doesn’t appear.

  • where di i find modpack when is downoaled

  • In your Downloads folder if you are running a PC. Its the yellow icon at the bottom of your screen…looks like a file

  • Я по одному вопросу хочу обратиться!!!Можно ли использовать этот модпак (Aslains) в Российском регионе???

  • salutations à vous tous, j’ai tester le mode-packs Aslain, il est superbe, facile d’emplois et intuitif, je me suis même lancé à le configurer moi-même, et là c’est carrément superbe.
    Je suis un véritable noobs en informatique, mais je me suis quand même débrouiller. Merci à vous de contribuer à ce que wot devienne vraiment un jeu génial.
    je suis devenu un joueur addictif.
    Cordialement bigpacvs.

    ce texte je le fait traduire par google traductor.

    Greetings to all of you, I tested the mode-packs Aslain, it is superb, easy to use and intuitive, I even started to configure it myself, and there it is downright superb.
    I am a real noobs in computer science, but I still manage. Thanks to you for contributing to what wot really becomes a great game.
    I became an addictive player.
    Cordially bigpacvs.
    This text I have it translated by google translator.

  • dean guhlberry

    not sure what to do. crew is missing except for commander. they not in barracks either. when i play a battle, they are with the tank. also there is nothing on the tech tree.

  • I am having trouble downloading the modpack. It wants to isntall Driver Update, which looks like it has nothing to do with the name Aslain’s or World of Tanks? Did I fall victim to trolls and download something bad? No one is on Aslain’s Discord. Can’t find a Aslain’s Teamspeak. How can I get some help?

  • Hi, version 9.19.0 having problem with Mod TimeSpent.pyc. I updated to 9.19.04 and get rid of many of problems, but Tiome spent still not working
    Thank you

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  • Bart van der Schans

    I had a bug where you are done with a battle, but the garage screen remains empty. Hope to see it fixed in this mod. (using the 19.0.0 mod before it update to 19.0.1.

    if not, ill let you know with a screenshot. Its NOT XVM, as ive installed that against using the original site and shutting your down.

  • Hi,
    I use Aslains mod pack for 2 years and in generally I had no problem with it till now.
    After last updated of WOT when I install Aslains mod pack it it freez when game is loding.
    I have no idea where is problem.
    I have win7.
    Thanks, Perun

  • Downloaded the latest version of Aslains. Opened WOT, got the game screen up but when i click on ‘play’ an error message comes up…. game resource path does not exist ./res_mods . Cant open WOT now. Screwed, please help resolve this.

  • I need a modpack that clean my files. the wot file is a big mess. And now i dont see how many hitpoints i have left. hope this modpack have a clean installer:-) that removes old files.. im a noob in pc systems.

  • i have an Apple, can you make any map with *.zip or *.rar

  • michael martin

    I love these mods, but for some reason, since I have been using it my wn8 and kill rate has fallen.

  • When I download the zip file and install the mod, I cannot create a shortcut or find the launcher. I would like to make modifications and cant. Why doesn’t the launcher allow you to pin it to the desktop?

  • F@@@@ed up my WOT, keeps on saying the client verion is not latest etc etc. How do i revevrese this mod – something wrong with it

  • same here. 🙁

  • Had the same problem 2x with this mod pack. Wen receiving the issue about the ./res_mod (ore something) i delete the mod pack and re-installed the game again and it worked normal without the mods. At least I could play again.

  • right click on wot shortcut look for this UNINS001 click on it it is a uninstall all aslain mudpack then go back and play

  • sry the mudpack and you don’t have to reinstall the whole game when u first open wot look for settings r hand upper corner goto support and click check then apply

  • I have the same problem as this guy

    not sure what to do. crew is missing except for commander. they not in barracks either. when i play a battle, they are with the tank. also there is nothing on the tech tree.

  • What do I do to make it for English

  • mods with 9.20 is aslains 9.19?

  • djepeto pinokijev cale

    Caption [9.20] Aslain’s XVM ModPack v9.20.00
    And the version available for download is Aslain’s ModPack v07
    My question is what is this version that is being offered

  • about 9.20.1 ,aim helper stay locked on dead tanks, friend list not working(loading 4 ever)

  • i wanna only collors and scoore 😛 its all ….. TY for this 🙂

  • Aslain the tanks HP display is not working and I haven’t found the correct box to tick to get it working after about 5 attempts can you please fix it as the other mods out there are also broken like solos mod, his tak carousel doesn’t work and he also doesn’t have a module transfer like you do


  • Love this mod pack nice and simple to install has all i really need to make the game enjoyable, keep up the great work you do its appericated

  • SPG does not work with the latest modpack! When I hit the shift key the tank freezes up.

  • Interesting MOD Pack but tank engine sounds are more like Wacky Races cartoon sounds. Cross between 2 stroke Lawn Mowers and Mk 1 tank.

  • Hi
    the pack has a buck. if I want to play Arty and the shift key presses around in Arty Ansicht to come. If the play freezes. Then I can make nothing more with the mouse or keyboard.

  • Hi all!
    Where I could find effective armour calc in modpack?
    Can’t see it anywhere.

  • I was a OM mod user till, not no more! after some fine tuning a few mods in the selections I have had no problem.
    At first I was greedy and used way to many mods and it affected my ping rate. Mane problem for my computer was minimap mods. Reconfigure and boom! I’m disabled some so the mod choices I have help immensely, thanks Aslain
    I do have to fix the minimap mod again somehow I got sketch-a -path and indicator bulbs on the mini map. they have to go affecting my game. But a great Idea for helping other players in the game that dont know where to go!!!

  • Hello
    The next bug, i cant shoot in the game . If I push the left Mousbutton come nothing.

  • The same bug again. If I push the shift Taste when I Play Arty , I cant do anything. Ist frozen.

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  • The account manager does not work. When changing during the game he comes up, same personnel file and then comes the message, they were disconnected from the server.

  • in patch 1.0 slowing loading to fight and menus load

    • BUMP

      I got the same issues: slowing down loading ingame. Which mods in Aslains Modpack are responsible for slowing down loading into battle ?

  • hewhoslaystigers

    please update XVM mod to 1.0

  • zjebales te mody nie potrafisz sie przylozyc do tego ?

  • pourquoi on a pas la dernière version d’aslain?

  • Why don’t we have the last version ? [] Aslains

  • I often visit your website and have noticed that you don’t update it often. More frequent
    updates will give your site higher rank & authority in google.

    I know that writing articles takes a lot of time, but you can always help yourself with
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  • last versions were too much better than this new update, how can i get a webium like older versions? how can i remove this?

  • WIn32.Backdoor.miniduke.pjnj
    Is that safe?
    My Anti-virus software told me its not safe

    • Yes… well… first be very careful. Aslains site is LOADED with malware and misdirection. I would highly recommend only going to his page in private mode. I started only going to WOT’s site to get his file, but then he quit keeping it up to date, trying to force us to his site I guess. Try one of the other download links and scan it again. No idea why a formally great modpack has to screw around with malware sites, but I’m sure it is cost.

  • witam, przez przypadek wybralem nie ten mod nie chce go w grze jak teraz na nowo wybrac mod inny?

  • There are MAJOR problems with the last 2 updates. Not sure if it is WOT, or the modpacks, but it is corrupting data, hangs at the battle opening screen… MANY problems. I’ve tried completely starting over and everytime the modpack breaks it. I’ve noticed a common thread among your forums. Nobody ever answers. Save yourself some grief and don’t install until he shows a fix in the updates. Here is the location of the corrupted data. At the very least deleting resmods stuff and this %appdata%\wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks. Should get you back up and running.

  • On newest version i cant see my crew members just the first one, when i enter the battle i cant see any players list i tryed to reinstal mane times with diferent customizzations still same problem

  • Hello, thank you for your hard work my man. Whem the Standalone XMV will come out?

  • Спасибо за информацию!!!!!

  • Waiting on that 1.17.0 patch


  • Xd This pack mod is full of cheats hahah v4.0.30 (12-12-2014):
    – akt. XVM do nightly 3476
    – akt. AutoAim indicator (kolejna próba autora do naprawienia CW

    v4.0.29.1 (10-12-2014):
    – akt. XVM do nightly 3470
    – akt. AutoAim+ (CW fix)
    U give mods and cheats xd For easier ban ?

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