[1.8.0] QuickBaby’s Modpack v.01

Excellent ModPack blogger created YouTube channel “QuickBaby.” This modpack includes only the most necessary for the game of mods. By installing this modpack you expand your battle interface and you will be much easier to play.

Video review

More screenshots:

Image 001 Image 002 Image 003 Image 004 Image 005 Image 006


  • Download and unzip the file.
  • Folders from the archive put on this path: ../WorldOfTanks/res_mods/



  • nul … pathetic useless mod …..

    • can you make one prick?

      • So if someone can’t make what others do then we can’t criticize their work???

        I too believe it is rather simplistic and to make a small point, the dead players on the players panel are not very different from the live ones so it is difficult to track who is alive.

        btw, I would like to know how to make mods (in English) but there is almost no help in this matter.

        • I agree with your last comment. i guess wargaming only wants russians to be able to make mods. that sucks

        • Is there a way to edit Qb’s file so maybe to have more than 2 rows for the carousel???

          • garfield411,

            To have more rows, edit C:\Games\World_of_tanks\res_mods\configs\xvm\default\carousel.xc and change:

            “enabled” to true
            “rows” to whatever you like

            I also changed the “padding” to 2 and 2, and the “zoom” to 0.85.

          • Just an FYI on the config files, “@xvm.xc” has the names of all the configuration files and what they are pointing to. Still a crapshoot figuring out what they all mean.

        • Your logic is great, with the whole ad personam denial, but still, the modpack is ok to me at least, ever since solo’s dead.
          If You know any solo’s-like modpack without cheats and/or flashy stuff on the HUD, please, share knowledge.

          • I don’t know what was in Solo’s mod, but Webium’s Modpack seems to be a middle ground between QB’s pack and Aslain’s.
            To the best of my knowledge, there are no ‘illegal’ mods in Webium’s; there were numerous configs removed when the guidelines were published in November.

        • Good points Oscar, but nanard is still a prick.

        • Do you really need tutorial on how to edit few text files? C’mon, QB put effort WITHOUT having tutorial in English. That’s on the other hand says about you being racist.

        • I have no problem with criticism… as long as it’s constructive and civil. I do have a problem with they way you did it. What you said was insulting. Instead of communicating what you found was the mod’s shortcomings, you insulted it and by default it’s designer. That is simply not called for. It’s was rude and unnecessary.

          Don’t get me wrong. I’m not promoting political correctness. You can go though life using the anonymity of the Internet to be as rudely “outspoken” as you want if you like but, I guarantee you it won’t get you very far in the real world.

          For every insulting way of saying something there are a thousand ways to get your point across without going out of your way to hurt someone’s feelings. I guess my point is that how you say something is just as important as what you say. You might want to consider how the lister, or listeners, will interpret something before speaking. That’s all.

          There is an old saying that goes, “You catch a lot more files with honey than you do with vinegar.” Think about it.

        • That’s not criticism. that’s being blatantly rude. Criticism is when you tell someone why you don’t like their work and how they can improve it. Not just saying that it sucks. Read a book before arguing something 😉

      • Absent of knowledge on how to do a mod pack does not negate the bad quality of QB mod pack.

        I have tested it and I agree with nanard!!!

        • And by youre humble opionion what should good mod pack have? Reload timer,tundra, aim bot etc? GTFO, for normal people this is enough. Maybe he should just include Yasenkrasen and ingame wn8, nothing more.

    • nul … pathetic useless response!!

    • what do you expect from a mod pack? aimbot,animegirl loading screens, last spot shadows oh and a garage skin maybe? did i forget something?

    • Hi why don’t I see the damage received only damage done? Thanks

    • Works great for me. Download every version.

    • If you don’t like it don’t use it, simple as that. Obviously a lot of ppl do like it or tens of thousands of ppl wouldn’t use it! There is a reason why ppl like it, maybe some day you will mature and see why.

    • y need skills not a mod, this mod is good you showld learn to play

    • The only one pathetic here is you

    • Fuck You….

    • So just cuz it is no war pack has no aimbot and does not utilize illegal mods its useless hmmm….

    • your comment is pathetic…

    • Put a fucking sock in it bitch.

    • i no because dont have cheats …. for me is good modpack .. i never use fuking cheats!!!!good job qb!!

      • When I originally commented I clicked the &#2t;02No8ify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Thank you!

    • null … pathetic useless person

    • Why are you on this site?
      If you cannot see the benefit of your automatic crew swapping and equipment then you either don’t have any of them or your enjoyment is in doing this tedious task rather than fighting in a battle.
      Thanks QuickyBaby. I find your mod useful and enhances my enjoyment of the game.

      • Tomáš (Tomas)

        Absolutely, thanks QuickyBaby for this. I believe this is sufficient for all unless you looks for cheats …

    • if u search just for stat it’s a good mod…

    • Braindeads need a full automatic MOD!!!!! hahaahahahha]

    • Typical unsocial WOT player answer 😀

    • For your noob ( only auto aim is good 🙂 🙂

    • Guys , what key you need to keep press to follow shell ? Alt key or ?

    • It doesnt exactly seem fair to insult someones work if you cannot outdo them in any way. Coding takes time and effort. Dont say this modpack is small and easy because it isnt. Making a website from scratch is hard enough so try to make a code that alters the way a game operates without destroying the games files and making it unable to run. If you cannot make something of equal if not better quality off quickeybaby’s you should not be allowed to criticize because you do not know the hardships to creating such things.

    • there IS NO MOD to be downloaded!! FIX iT PLZ!!

    • So you need autoaim, map pinger for destroyed objects, enemy module, sixth sense, enemy aim laser and enemy reload time mod scrub?

    • To the knockers, obviously your looking for something to make it look like you play better, IE cheats.
      This is a simple mod pack that assists in making better decisions, and Mr QB has been doing these fabulous mods for years now, without pay, and usually on the day of patch release!
      Great work once again buddy, keep up the great work, and MANY THANKS.
      to you numb-nuts that want to knock it, go find another hole to troll in, and learn some actual skills!

    • It’s great .. I have all the info I need and it does not distract me in game with some stupid and unnecessary info ..

    • Hi, please come to our site for WOT power leveling service:
      Thank you.

    • Nanard sounds like Gonard

    • Always one there is. When the force is strong, always one there is. Thanks Q.B.

    • pathetic?
      don’t know what you are talking about …
      go play minecraft…

  • thx for th mod pk baby not too much and no cheating extra i like it perfect for me

  • with a tank caroussel it would be berfect

  • Thanks very useful.

  • i can’t find or create the res_mods folder in my world of tanks folder in roaming plz help.

    • Have you looked in your base game folder?
      For example with me it’s located under, C:\Program Files (x86)\Games\World of Tanks\res_mods

    • Check your documents folder. That is where mine was, it took me ages to come across it. But the “show package contents” when you right click on the WoT icon, those are not the right folders. It needs to be its own folder that for me at least was named World_of_Tanks

    • LMFGDAO @ this!

  • Messy map, and why the fvck 6th sense icon “Is a trap”? u’ve been spotted and it’s a trap? ..Pathetic.

    • I can see you don’t get the reference… Its from the Star Wars film, Return of the Jedi. Admiral Ackbar say it and it have been an internet phenomena for some time now…. You are welcome.

    • What’s pathetic is that you and half the worlds population are stuck doing back breaking work and are to ignorant and dumb to admit that people like quickybaby are more successful than you and found an easy alternative to making money. ALSO, quickybaby has his PhD and is married. So what are you doing with your life that is SOOOO much better than his and how do you think that critisizing him is gonna improve your success.

      Sh!t talking 101:
      Don’t talk sh!t unless you got the sh!t to back your pathetic ignorant sh!t up!

  • great mod pak quickybaby it would be sweet if you add a zoom mod so my poor old eyes can see were i want to hit the tank because if the zoom was added it will bring target closer and i could see exactly were i want to fire please consider this your faithful follower bogan1 07 quicky

  • once again quicky great mod mate add a zoom mod then it could not get better mate 07 bogan 1

  • Thanks QB. Don’t expect WG would endorse infinite zoom

  • I like a good mod as much as the next guy… and I haven’t even downloaded QBs yet. Was just reading the replys and seeing the negative comments .. If you guys don’t like it.. make your own.. no one cares to read your negative bullshit comments.. I know I dont. Jalien

  • Next update…. can you inprove the sights to be like JimBo’s ???


  • 1st off, thanks so much for the pack. Enjoy your channel too.
    But, does anyone know how to adjust the sixth sense mod for 4k resolution?
    Has the icon pop up right of screen, almost off completely.
    Some coding I expect….

    • Same issue with a 4K screen on the hit log and the light-bulbs on the opposing team panel. Do you or anyone else have any ideas how to fix that for higher res screens?

  • Thanks Quicky baby, this tomato can really use the help!

  • Hiya, nice mod, just the loading screen clock bugged the hell out of me…
    So for a fix, change the line 96 in \res_mods\configs\xvm\xvm.xc to: “clockFormat”: “H:i:s”, for 24h format or “clockFormat”: “h:i:s”, for 12 hour format.
    The default value in the pack is H:N:S, which means it uses day of week instead of minutes 😀

  • Add ingame WN8

  • thx QB. happy new year. thx mate

  • could u add a zoom to it then it would be perfect.

  • Jeeze Dude, This is Not a MOD! am mod adds things not make you BUY things!

  • Perfect mod pack for my runs m8. God job QB.. Thumbs up

  • does this mod pack have an avatar input handler?

  • plszz help meh to activate mod pack

  • how do you make the xvm work work? i cant work my self i also have sign in to xvm page plz help

  • Need help tankers! QB’s mod laços never failled me, except this one… I’m running WoT on Windows 10 for the first time, after i installed the mod, WoT doesn’t start. If remove it, it starts… Any clue?

  • Nice Mod.
    Maybe suggestion to show in the hit log also the tank who is hitting you instead off only that you have been hit, would be nice to see who is doing the damage to you.

    Which calculator is according to you the best WNG or 8 or 7?
    Keep um comming

  • Sorry Calculator I meant rating
    WGR or WN8 or WN6 EFF or XTE

  • Why is the gun direction beam on the minimap missing???
    That’s part of vanilla.
    And even when I checked it was turned on in the settings, but still no gun beam on the minimap, with this.
    On vanilla it worked.
    Everything else is OK, though.
    Only the gun beam is gone.

    6/10 for destroying a useful vanilla feature, while adding in XVM stats.
    A pity we don’t get both at the same time here.

  • Lazy Retired Git

    Support for 4k screen plz. I am running resolution of 3832 x 2118

    Heres the problems:

    1. Text for damage (done) is tiny
    2. Text for damage (received) was tiny but has now gone missin
    3. Gun direction marker missing
    4. Sixth sense sound but no icon – was occasionally barely visible on right edge of screen

    Or if someone knows how to edit xvm for a big screen I would be obliged

    • Lazy Retired Git

      Oh and an update will be welcomed as it’s crashing a few times each day – typical xvm behaviour early each update

    • 4k monitor, you need to edit blocked.cfg file as outlined.
      line 11, change to -498
      18, change to 500
      19, 50
      24, 500
      25, 44
      40 & 41, change size to 18

      next edit your log.cfg file
      13, 458
      14, -458
      21, 330
      22, 30
      you just need to edit where things are in relation to new pixel dimensions.

      obviously I havent figured everything out quite yet, but you can edit something and play your tank. soon as the match is over, edit something else, and hit the battle button again, and you should see the changes.
      If someone has the files configured properly, let us know.

      • I have the hit-log now sorted for a 4K screen – just change the x value to 600 and y to and font size all up by +6 and its looks pretty good and sits where it should.

        However, all a bit lost trying to fix the light-bulbs! Help Anyone??

        • meant to say the change was to the hitlog file.

        • and where is on 9.15.1 the file to change the hitlog X position? i cant seem to find it as it was in previous versions of the modpack. cause i open the xvm.xc file and theres nothing there. i have a smaller screen and need to move the hitlog to the left and i cant. help please.

          • Even i am having the same issue with the X position for the hitlog. In previous patches i could change the X value to move up but now i cant find the X value to change that? Anybody know of any ideas?

          • HELP!!!!

            Even i am having the same issue with the X position for the hitlog. In previous patches i could change the X value to move up but now i cant find the X value to change that? Anybody know of any ideas?

          • Hello,
            I had the same problem and found a solution but if your are not familiar with xvm it’ll be tricky.
            If you are lucky the simplest solution is to change hitlog x, y settings in your battleLabelsTemplate.xc file providing you have this in that file :
            “hitlog”: {
            “enabled”: true,
            “updateEvent”: “ON_DAMAGE_CAUSED”,
            “x”: 345,
            “y”: 5,
            “width”: 600,
            “height”: 1000,
            “textFormat”: { “color”: “0xF4EFE8”, “size”: 15 },
            “format”: “{{hitlog-header}}\n{{hitlog-body}}”
            Change x,y as you like and test with your last replay.If it works, great. Otherwise you should have :

            In your @xvm.xc file : “battleLabels”: ${“battleLabels.xc”:”labels”}, If not, insert it next line after battleLoading for instance.
            Don’t forget to copy all of it, including the last comma.

            In your battleLabels.xc file : ${ “battleLabelsTemplates.xc”:”def.hitlog” }, If not, insert it next line after “formats”: [
            Don’t forget to copy all of it, including the last comma.

            In your battleLabelsTemplate.xc file, just after the array there’s a */
            Insert this in the next line :
            “hitlog”: {
            “enabled”: true,
            “updateEvent”: “ON_DAMAGE_CAUSED”,
            “x”: 345,
            “y”: 5,
            “width”: 600,
            “height”: 1000,
            “textFormat”: { “color”: “0xF4EFE8”, “size”: 15 },
            “format”: “{{hitlog-header}}\n{{hitlog-body}}”

            I advise you to back up all the hereabove mentioned files in case something goes wrong .
            You understand that @xvm.xc points to BattleLabels wich points to BattleLabelsTemplates wich must contain def.hitlog.

            Don’t do it if you’re not confident, next wot or xvm update may blow it all.

            Have fun.

  • 9.14 block and hitlog are broken

  • Excellent Mod pack, exactly what is needed an nothing else to slow down the game, Excellent.

    Multi Line Carousal would be nice for all those tanks, eh!

    I’ll take the Zoom too, if manageable. My eye’s are aging as well.


  • Ivan Djordjevic

    when I instal mod, it disables minimap camera pointer. why?
    it worked in previous version
    othervise, great mod

  • just downloaded the Mod, and its great, thank you..!!! follow the instructions in the intro vid, dont just download it an hope for the best, and you cant go wrong, it gives me all the info i need to play the game…maybe a little better..lol

  • Hi, i really like you`re mod…but….u missed some details on the minimap like…. camera direction line,gun travers lines. can we expect an update soon ? thank you…happy hunting 🙂

  • Hi love the mod. I have run into an interesting problem. My M103 has gone missing in the garage tank list at the bottom of the screen. I can only get to my tank via the tech tree -> display in garage. Not sure if its the mod or not. Just thought I would drop a note in case you have heard of this.

    • Log Message:

      2016-03-25 08:55:40: xvm_integrity results: incorrect!
      file is missing: res_mods/0.9.14 Common Test/gui/scaleform/PlayersPanel.swf
      file is missing: res_mods/0.9.14 Common Test/gui/flash/lobby.swf
      file is missing: res_mods/0.9.14 Common Test/gui/scaleform/xvm.swf
      file is missing: res_mods/0.9.14 Common Test/gui/scaleform/VehicleMarkersManager.swf
      file is missing: res_mods/0.9.14 Common Test/gui/scaleform/StatisticForm.swf
      file is missing: res_mods/0.9.14 Common Test/scripts/client/gui/mods/mod_.pyc
      file is missing: res_mods/0.9.14 Common Test/scripts/client/gui/scaleform/locale/__init__.pyc
      file is missing: res_mods/0.9.14 Common Test/gui/scaleform/battle.swf
      file is missing: res_mods/0.9.14 Common Test/gui/scaleform/TeamBasesPanel.swf
      file is missing: res_mods/0.9.14 Common Test/gui/scaleform/Minimap.swf

    • Andrew Douglass

      you need to uncheck : set vehicle as reserve

      go to one of the options bottom left display only reserve vehicles
      and then right click on the garage frame at the bottom and uncheck the reserve status

      hope it helps.

      i had the same with a couple of my tanks

  • I have lost my tanks in my garage and can only access through the Techtree. may have to remove mudpack. I had just re-added this mudpack after emptying the res-mod folders, adding quickybaby pack and blue Kellerman sight.

    • I have a problem with buying a new tank. I can choose the tank in the techtree but the button for buying is invincible. Wargaming send a message that this might be a problem with the modpack used.

  • I have a also problem with buying a new tank.
    I can choose the tank in the techtree but the button for buying is invincible.

    Afte qb mod pack removed, it worked.
    So, qb, work to do 😉

  • hello, good one, maybe u can put in the thing that make u see tanks in 2 rows, easier to find tank u want if u have more then 30 😛 all in all good mod

  • brian alias dogoniron

    I removed QB mod pack and reinstalled the game and it now works. afraid to try again. what’s another good mod pack. looking for a good sight as well with oldish eyes. retired DND Captain armoured and comms playin with toys now.

  • hi, i installed the last version of the mod and my sixth sense sound doesn`t work. icon apears but no sound 😐 can anyone help me !!

  • Hey, I really like this mod pack, but I can’t buy tanks when the mod pack is installed… 🙁

  • Mod worked great till mini patch then the ability to buy tanks stop working. Button there with no label and it wont work. Had to remove mod pack in order to but tanks.

  • Only briefly played w/ the mod pack…like the idea – really missed my 6th sense audio indicator that came vanilla with 9.14. Didn’t want to get used to the damage counters and such if that was gone. Would like a way to keep some of the vanilla client options w/o re-writing the mod altogether. Suspect there will be an update that at least adds the old “it’s a trap” audio back in, too.

    PS – Enjoy your video’s and streaming, keep up the good work.

  • what do I do cuz I don’t have a WoT folder idk why but I don’t!

  • As someone stated here before, I’m also unable to purchase any new tanks while using this :/. Even manual tabbing+enter won’t help.

  • here is the latest, version 4, march 4th 2016

  • When i download this mod i have a problem in my garage i cant see anything in the “service”

  • Yep same here something in the 9.14.1 folder is fucking up either service window or remove’s the tank selection slider.

  • Another problem i cant see statistic of the tanks in tree.

  • thx. I like ur mods
    But is it on date??
    9.14 or 9.14.1??

  • Downloaded and installed latest modpak and now cant launch game at all! – have downloaded from official site, deleted prev + re-installed twice today (have done this all before without issues) but getting error and cant load game = Game resource path does not exist ./res_mods/
    Checked XVM and game files??? cant see the error so now reinstalling WoT fully – hesitant to download this mod again but found it really useful in the past.

  • Evilest Overlord

    The mod no longer works please update it.

  • C’on QB – disappointing results and expect better than this from you.
    Cost me 6 hours uninstalling and downloading WoTs for clean install over rural wifi! Downloaded XVM + QB modpacks – yours crashed the game again. Used backups to fix but hesitant to put in layers of modpacks for zoom and other stats to get the scope yours had.

  • Guys , i can’t see damage block . i just made what QB show in video but still cant see block damage , why ?

  • Hello, I can’t use the mod. I have downloaded it again and again, unzipped it again and again, restarted the game again and again, still doesn’t work. Is it for windows only? Because I’m using mac. Thanks.

  • HI! great modpack overall, but im stuck at the “loading garage” icon, cant get it work. looks good, but it is busted. any ideas?
    and im on version 9.14.1 btw, idk if it works with that now.

  • Still Waiting on the current working QB mudpack… whats the deal dude

  • quo vadis QB?

  • Its not working i need help please help!!!!!

  • Andrew Douglass

    i connot see the lightbulbs next to player list for who is spotted / unspotted.

    in the xvm XC file as follows

    “playersPanel”: {
    “alpha”: 60,
    “clanIcon”: { “alpha”: 90, “h”: 16, “show”: true, “w”: 16, “x”: 0, “xr”: 0, “y”: 6, “yr”: 6 },
    “enemySpottedMarker”: {
    “Xoffset”: -22,
    “Yoffset”: -2,
    “enabled”: true,
    “format”: {
    “artillery”: { “dead”: “”, “lost”: “”, “neverSeen”: “”, “revealed”: “” },
    “dead”: “”,
    “lost”: “”,
    “neverSeen”: “*”,
    “revealed”: “”

    Could domeone tell me where the fault is?

  • Everything works fine for me with this pack for 9.14.1 only thing i don’t have is the win loose ratio. just remember to unpack the files to the correct area.
    also make sure you move the files from the zip that are in the folder 0.9.14 into the folder res_mods/

    • update not that most people will scroll this far down. just checked the bug with buying tanks. and is still there. and also cant see the line on the mini map that shows where your facing. not a coder so wont poke about with the files 🙂

  • Anything about 9.15?

  • Tx for the Quickness, Quicky. For me its the best on the market. Its simple Quick, and has all your latest (BASIC) mods. Another reason I love this mod is its easy to add a mod or 2 without the extra garbage.

  • I see a lot of cannons shooting off for no reason when traveling. Can you make a mod that wont load the gun until a button is pressed?

  • Thanks QuickyBaby,

    Just got patched to 9.15 and ended up playing without your mod pack – I guess because of the version update. I did not realize how much I used it…

  • Thanks for the update to 9.15.

    In 9.14 you could zoom out pretty far in 3rd person, but in 9.15 it seems to only zoom out to standart setting, is that a bug or have you removed that feature?

  • Could I use this mod aim the tanks near by SPG?

  • Hi guys
    Can’t zoom out when in third person view like with the previous mod versions. Anyone know why?

  • Hey QB, thanks for all your work on this MOD and keeping it relevant with these updates. NVM the haters, water off a ducks back and all…So on to my question, as others have stated, I cant get the third person zoom out/pan feature at the beginning of the game to function as in past versions. Any help appreciated, cheers and keep it up!!

  • DrUntouchable

    Hello ppl, can someone help my ? I have problem with indicators for spotted/unspotted/hidden ? How can I turn on or adjust??? Ty for answer

  • Hey QB – great modpack. Not too much crap, just a few things to make it better.

    Some problems though – same thing with zoom out feature not working as others have reported.
    Didn’t realize how much I got used to it until I didn’t have it anymore. 🙂
    Also XVM just updated and now doesn’t work. Do you need to do another update to this?

  • Hi!

    I would like to use JUST the dealt damage counter (i loved Artasans dealt damage counter, but its latest verison is 9.13, so … 🙁 ). Which files i need from this pack or who’s mod is that and is it possible and from where to download just that part.
    In lots of mission is a dealt damage a goal, so i just need that one. Thanx in advance f help.
    Would be nice some panel for this pack where i can turn on-off every mod separately.

    Thanx by the way f videos QB, did learn few tings, even started to love Comet cos of your video 🙂

  • Hey.

    After update til 9.15.01 my garage is not working anymore?

    Any ideas?

  • It isn´t working for me in, am I the only one?

  • Thanks for turning around the new Euro 2016 modpack so quickly – appreciate it. It makes the game a lot better IMO

  • Isn’t working for me on either!
    game hangs on syncing discounts…

    • I have the same problem, the game is stuck on synchronizing discounts after I renamed the folder to

  • I cant get the new V.2 working either…. anyone?

  • Doesn’t work for me nor my husband either…

  • It doesn’t work for me either but You can still select from the techtree untill it is resolved. I’m sure it will be sorted out eventually.

  • Love the Modpack not too much. V2 not working stuck on Syncing discounts lol

  • This does not work for the new update today – It just freezes at “Syncing discounts”. No, no other mod installed.. No, I”m not going to uninstall the entire game because that is not the problem.

  • How to get this thing work?

  • To get rid of sync discount delete lobby from the mod. It resolves the problem but gives you a new one, no tanks in bottomscreen although you can still get them through the tech tree and drive everything. Besides that everything works.

  • You can get the modpack working by downloading the mods individually – they have all been updated to 15.0.1 (XVM, GambitER Damage Panel (light version) and BattleAssistant – SPG 3rd person view). After you have installed them all you’ll still need Quicky’s xvm config. To do this simply go to the res_mods/config/xvm folder located in your world of tanks game folder and delete its contents. Then download this modpack and find the contents of the same folder within the modpack which should be 1 file called “xvm.xc”. Copy this file into the empty xvm folder in your res_mods folder and voila, you now have quickybaby’s modpack!

    • Correction for the last steps: delete the entire contents of res_mods/config, including xvm folder and replace it with the entire contents of the same folder in Quickybaby’s modpack in order to get the config for the damage panel mod.

  • Hi !
    Could we get a modpack that works for the on mac ? Thanks by advance ! 🙂

  • If you have problems with the “synch discount” and dont want to re-install the entire game you just delete everything IN the folder, but let the folder remain. Do not delete the folder, just everything else!

  • Can we get a video tutorial for this update if it is that hard.

  • It would be top if Quickybaby could make it work as he did so often before – are there any means to ensure that he know there is an issue?

  • Since installing the latest [9.15] QuickBaby’s Modpack v.2, the tank filters on the home page (Tier, Type, Nationality etc) no longer appear (the pop-up box works but there is nothing in it) and neither does the damage received log in-game appear. The Quickbaby “It’s a Trap” works in-game, so I have installed it correctly as it’s running. Any ideas?

  • This works – thanks!

    You can get the modpack working by downloading the mods individually – they have all been updated to 15.0.1 (XVM, GambitER Damage Panel (light version) and BattleAssistant – SPG 3rd person view). After you have installed them all you’ll still need Quicky’s xvm config. To do this simply go to the res_mods/config/xvm folder located in your world of tanks game folder and delete its contents. Then download this modpack and find the contents of the same folder within the modpack which should be 1 file called “xvm.xc”. Copy this file into the empty xvm folder in your res_mods folder and voila, you now have quickybaby’s modpack!

    June 12, 2016 at 10:43 am
    Correction for the last steps: delete the entire contents of res_mods/config, including xvm folder and replace it with the entire contents of the same folder in Quickybaby’s modpack in order to get the config for the damage panel mod.

  • so, now that you have switched to a SWF file format, I can no longer simply edit the X and Y scale to accomodate a 4K monitor. Maybe put a setting in the game for 4k damage log to appear?

  • Gracias Papa!!! desde Argentina!!

  • It is a very balanced mod, informative but more importantly not too crowded visually. I do however wish that the 6th sense icon could be changed because I like a more serious look to my screen.

    Good work on the mod…..easy to install (this is my first mod BTW).

  • I would really like to have my marker percentages show in garage so i don’t have to go to each tank individually what the status is after battle. Is this something anyone here could help me with? Thanks in advance.

  • great … maby the carousel and new marker and it’s perfect 4 me 🙂

  • Thank you very much for this mod and for all your great videos.

  • QuickyBaby, can we somehow change Sixth sense icon? I mean, you are not ugly, but i prefer light bulb… 😀

  • It does not work ! I can not enter the game after installation.

  • Hi everyone ! 🙂
    I would like to add to the hitlog the name of the ennemy vehicle (or ally 🙁 ) who shoots at me. How can I do that ?
    Thanks ! 🙂

  • Just downloaded this mod a day after 9.15.1 was released.
    The enhanced zoom out function doesn’t seem to work.
    Can someone please clarify this is a bug in the mod or only because xvm version is not for 9.15.1 version?
    Also, the map (bottom right corner in the game) seem like it’s not enhanced.

    • Maybe to late for this info, but I’m in a helpfull mood.
      Enhanced zoom out is a mod. This a modpack from Quickybaby which means it includes multiple mods, but enhanced zoom out is not included in his modpack. Thats why it doesn’t work. You will have to google and add the mod yourself to the mods folder.
      XVM works to some degree and shows statistics like the numbers, and doesnt do anything for the hitlog, damagepanel or battle assistance. Good luck.

  • steel warrior

    wot will not load at all. go in safe mode no mod. whats up with this. this is on the NA server

  • Thanks for all your work.
    For me the last modpack has a fail, I can´t accept or do platoon in game.

    • I have the same problem. Also the clock in garage disappears after first battle.

      • Ctrl + right click the player who you want to invite or who invites you and then select invite or accept.
        Apparently WG changed this.

  • I can’t see the winnig percentage and number of games for the other players? How can i do that?

  • I would like to thank you for the mods. I have been searching for a donation page. I believe in payment for services rendered. I also took a couple of other mods and combined them with yours. All are working great. If you have time, email me a link. Looked on clan site already.

  • I couldn’t get QB new modpack to work until I deleted all older updates in res mod and install only latest version. Working perfectly now with QB mug popping up for 6th sense. thanks Quicky, hope this helps someone else.

  • Everything seems to be working well for me, except the map doesn’t show any view/render distance circles.

    • Nvm, I’m a dummy. QB doesn’t have those enabled by default in the settings. Just had to choose Enable Expanded Minimap Features to Always and click the checkboxes for show view range circle, show the maximum spotting range, and show the draw circle. All good now.

  • why i not see reamain enemy hp?????

  • quicky , I saw u many times in the battle without platoon, I trust u do properly things and this game is your big hobby (never understand how any user can have stats like u have and dont use any forbidden or not recommended mod) gl, your coments in videos are very good, keep ready

    probably u know how things in WoT works and few like u

    • Oliver Cromwell

      He is the reason purple players are called unicums. He is actually unique in his ability, rather than today’s statpadders.

  • Is the xvm modpack working as it should be? It is missing some components in game.

  • hi HIT log is getting above my team tanks how to move it a little to the left ??????

  • If i wanted to replace overall win% with hit% in current tank how would i do that?

    • Oliver Cromwell

      I’m not sure if you can, since win % is built into XVM as a recorded stat.

    • After you install QB’s mods, go to game settings > markers and update the options you want, then install Solo’s Mod pack on top of QB’s and you get an excellent game experience. That’s what i did and works well w/ HP bars, etc.

  • Can not join platoons after installing 9.15.1. Thanks for your work QB

    • You can right click on name then select platoon from drop-down. Not as easy as the old way…

    • After you install QB’s mods, go to game settings > markers and update the options you want, then install Solo’s Mod pack on top of QB’s and you get an excellent game experience. That’s what i did and works well w/ HP bars, etc.

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  • The mod is not handling camo nets and binocs like it used to. They are not automatically getting moved to the current tank in most cases.

  • Doesen’t work well. Dont see healt bar and %, name of veicles and name of player.

    • After you install QB’s mods, go to game settings > markers and update the options you want, then install Solo’s Mod pack on top of QB’s and you get an excellent game experience. That’s what i did and works well w/ HP bars, etc.

  • After the third installation it is all good but for the checkbox not being there when i am asked to join a platoon ingame. So no biggie. I am pleased.

  • Oliver Cromwell

    This is a great mod pack. It gives some good in-game info while not overloading you. And without zoom mods and arty camera mods, it still requires ability and makes vanilla clients not seem that different

  • Hi Quickbaby,
    I can’t join platoons since 9.15.1 and was wondering how to fix this?

    • As a work around, see the name of the person who invited you to plat, hold control button down and cursor up into the players panel. You should now see the list of name and tank types, you can right mouse click and you will get a pull down where you can accept the invite. clumsy, but it works for now.

  • How to change a six sense icon back?

  • Great mod,
    Except for 1 thing, can you get the tank carroussel in there?
    I have so many tanks, I just keep scrolling to get to the right tank.
    Or is there an easier way?

    • You could google WoT 9.15.1 Tank Carousel yourself and add it to your mod folder yourself. Don’t use it myself, but I think the 9.15 version will work because WG didn’t change the coding of the hangar.
      Or you could just use the filter options on the bottom left. Good luck.

  • I tried to delete the mod pack off my computer… had to reinstall the game, which took 3 hours…

  • Garage Problems

    I installed QuickyBaby’s latest mod. I am running a Mac. I can load and go into battle. The only problem is the tanks and bottom row in my garage are not visible.

  • I also can’t join platoons since 9.15.1 and was wondering how to fix this?
    and where did the clock in the garage go?

    • Now when someone invites you, you have to right click their name in the player list and select “accept invitation” to join…..a pain in the butt for sure lol

  • I installed it liked said, but the modpack wouldn’t work. Any clue to why?

  • Hi,

    I’ve installed the new XVM followed by QB’s mod pack like I always do after a WOT update (9.15.1).

    One problem though. When Sixth Sense goes off I get the sound and the icon…but then the icon remains on the screen for the duration of the battle.

    Never used to do that before…so I’m looking for any suggestions.


  • Same problem as above, the sixth sense icon doesn’t go away… also I don’t seem to have the button available to accept dynamic platoon invitations.

  • Since the latest minipatch (, the minimap disappears when I use the Quickybaby mod. You can still see the contours of the GUI icon that is the minimap (but I can’t make it bigger/smaller the way you usually can) but there’s no actual map nor any of the stuff that’s usually on it like tanks and spotting distance circles and what not.

  • Chamcellor_Martok

    It seems that, with the newest version of WOT, any mod installed deactivates in-game ctrl button, esc doesn’t work, minimap ping doesn’t work. Not with QBs modpack, not with Odem Mortis.

    • I thought it was only me. It’s not working, my crosshair is also gone. I’m having a hard time aiming lol.

  • For me, the battleLoading screen seems borked. It isn’t showing WN8, just a 1-99 number (not sure what that is), plus changes to the battleLoading.xc file don’t seem to have any effect, such as changing “showBattleTier”: true, – it looks like this file isn’t being read.

  • Works great thanks for putting it together QB…


  • Why can’t I just download the f*cking mod pack? Why do I need to download 50 other f*cking things just for a f*cking mod pack? Waste of time.

  • I love the arty reticle 🙂 Grat job QB (Y)

  • pls help.!

    in game battle timer won’t disappear, in game time wont run, players panel is gone, mini map is gone. what to do guys.? QB pls help. . .

  • Stop using it after each update missing modules . Last time 5 binoculars, now 8.. 🙁

  • Hi!

    This mod isn’t working on my WoT patch 9.15.2. I copy these files and folders into good places but in garage the game is refressing veichles permanetly. I wait 30 minutes and do nothing else. What’s the problem? Plese help me.


    • Cant be quickfingers´ mod pack, some older stuff is blocking your garage-access. Often caused by files in the folder …\gui\… You need to delete all stuff from the res_mods-folder and install all mods again which are known to work under

    • I had the same issue – just remove all other mods, then it works fine. Happy tanking!

      BTW I also have the no sound issue on firing, anyone who comes up with a workaround please post it? I’m sure it’s a simple config change.

  • after loading this mod my cannon sound is gone, i shot but it is like silenced ? 🙁

  • I got a bug, the sound when you fire, don`t hear anymore

    • I have the same problem

    • Silenced cannon…neat…Great mod..one little glitch, thanks QB…but can ya fix the gun thing soon…be well

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  • Hell yeah, quickfinger really has quick fingers. Thanks a LOT, dude, finally the equipment mod which saves millions of credits and clicks…

  • Thanks a lot QB for updating the modpack…

    Keep it up please 😉

  • not hear the shooting from a cannon 🙁

  • No gun sound here either…

  • Thanks for the update, but I am also having issues with gun sound.

  • Love the QuickyBaby mod pack . . . but no gun sounds when firing?

  • Has the gun sound bug been fixed? I have installed other mod packs where the gun sound is present but the overall pack does not equal this one.

  • Gun sound seems too be very finicky at the moment. Hope you resolves this asap. But thanks for all the work QB!

  • Same here, no gun sound and no line on the minimap which is showing the direction i`m looking at, hope you fix it , it`s kind of annoying, and tnx for the mod pack

  • no gun sounds please fix

  • Love the mod. no gun sounds

  • thx QB as always!!!!

  • fix the gun sound please!

  • Just get “updating vehicles” spinning around and can’t get into WoT so will have to unistall

  • http://www.filedropper.com/fixsoundproblem fixed no gun sound issue for me, I don’t know who made it, but it works

  • Gun sound issues present, sometimes, gun sound can be heard when firing, and sometimes it can not.

  • Same thing with sound on firing. Seems to work the first shot, then goes silent.
    Tried the sound fix patch and it is working for now!

    Hey QB – great mod but miss the map pointer line and REALLY miss the zoom out.

  • Except now the damage received indicator doesn’t work. Maybe because of the sound patch?

  • thanks admin very nice

  • thanks admin very nice good games

  • solved the gun sound! solution: delete the mod pack 🙂

  • Love the work you do for the WOT Qb think your well all round kind of guy

  • Having sound issues, either it’s silent or goes ‘Pfft’ instead of ‘bang’. Also had games where game completely lost the plot and the minimap didn’t display anything. Uninstalled and all is well. Only really use the mod for ‘arty mode’ mod

  • its a really good mod pack, but te sound is broken i cant hear my shots at my tanks í hope this will be fixed in the future. :'(

    ps. that are all low tiers

  • sorry bro, mod 9.15.2 no gun sound when shooting, I hope improved, thanks, im wait..

  • idiot, you have not verified your mod

  • “I have always depended on the kindness of QuickBaby!”

    As usual, love your minimalist modpacks. Also, love your YouTube World of Tanks commentaries. Keep it up. And, a tip of the hat to your countryman, The Mighty Jingles.

  • Hey QB and community!!! I was wondering how to remove the hit log in the top right corner. If someone could please help me out it would be much appreciated 🙂 Tanks guys!!

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    Live chat and friendly support available 24/7!

  • can someone please help me out and inform me whether or not there is a way to remove the hitlog located in the top right hand corner of the screen please? in 9.16 WG released a vanilla one and i see no use for this mod anylonger so i would appreciated if someone helped me out in reconfiguring the mod… thank you all!

  • Can you add gold and free experience locker in your mod ?

  • Aweome mod IMO because it almmost doesnt affect FPS as some other mods does, it only lacks IMO the approximately ammount of battles left for next skill in crew. Something else that would be helpfull to know if u can count on a teammate (without pressing alt and checking on the ladderboard) is a thin bar at the left side of the player HP (also displayed on enemy player) so u r able to relise if he will help u in case u need to rush, or if he is a player with low ammount of battles and bad statistics and he will probablt stay behind just waching how u get killed. For those who says this mod is almost useless, is because “those” want mods that will me illegal in a while.
    Thnx for helping ppl understanding this game 🙂
    Most of them should also learn ur modals

  • Sabbir ahamed maruf

    I love this mod. But brother need a solution how to fix automatically minimap getiing small. When playing new battle. I love quickybaby work keep up brother. My screen resulation is 1980*1080

  • First off, I love your mods, I really do. Hey, did you drop the following off…or am I missing something. For awhile you could see the last vehicle that shot you reload time… also, there use to be your average score with this vehicle and score to high caliber…. they’re gone now.

    I checked my settings and everything looks fine…am I missing something?


  • Only downloading this for the XVM colors 😛

  • Thank you love the vids and love the mods Awesome work tk. awesome did I say awesome. Have a great Day…

  • QuickyBaby, when will You add Damage Log to Your modpack? the one without reload 😉

    • I second that.
      Wargaming added their own thing with lots of data EXCEPT the one useful thing I want – log of hits taken, damage received and shell type.

  • Hey,
    My install of 9.17.v1 has somehow disabled XVM. No amount of uninstall/reinstall seems to work. Got any ideas?…(as if…)

  • Cannot get battle site to work

  • Battle-sight still did not work, even after coping old file to 9.17.1 file..any ideas??

  • not working xvm too, updated xvm website but still nothing, changed 17 to 17.1 and stil no statistics, any clue?

  • Antone know how to get the 3rd party view when using an arty pressing the “G” key no longer works???? Does he have a fix for 9.17.01 ?

  • Not working man. The 17.01 file is interfering with it.

  • Hello I got it to work on the new 9.17 patch.
    I followed the basic steps for putting the files into the folder then go to xvm website, click update statistics, then click the prolong button right next to it at the top of the page. Then I clicked activate services again and got a warning .
    Using these steps I got it to work fine.

    Then when I got the christmas patch it stopped working. Hope this helps someone.
    Anyone found a way to get it working with the new christmas patch?

  • The mini map will not enlarge in Will there be a fix for it?

  • I copied from QB mods “gui and scripts” to new WOT file and it works.

  • Hello … i have a Imac and i cant install the mod.. have Qb a mod for Mac player ? pls help thx <3

  • Battle Assist with SPG’s not working, any ideas?

  • hi Quickbaby im stefan denis in romanian

  • Thanks, great mod

  • Using XVM and QBs, but when I enter a match the new WoT integrated indicators (damage done, spotting etc) don’t show up in the bottom left. Any ideas?

  • Hi.

    Today i got the xvm to work after some time of problem. But the qb mod dont work…. im playing arty, so its lika gooing back to the 1990s 2 dimensional games. Any ideas wht the problem might be? It work great before (both of them).

  • Hi. Seems that as of this morning, after update to #312 (Dec 27 ), red silhouette of the tank is displayed a bit to the left of the actual tank position. Quite annoying if your TD is trying to hit a tank while hiding behind bush (ofcourse I kemp bush, I play TDs almost exclusively). This is the only mod I’m using and after disabling it, everything works normal, though I miss it, it’s everything I need and find useful.

  • You’re mod is outdated, need to update it to WOT

  • I install your mode.Auto-aim isn t working . 🙁

  • i used this mod and many other but believe me mods are useless… true players dont need help of any mod.
    it just brings tons of crap on your screen(qb’s is an exception)

  • Mick(Grevillea....in game name)

    I have downloaded the pack and did all the thing said in video and it not working what is going on

  • If you’re like me and want the locks on the Gold and Free XP, use Notepad++ to edit hanger.xc and change the values from false to true. Both are right at the top.

  • Arty battlesights not working

  • A nice, clean interface! Thank you so much QuickyBaby 🙂

  • Running XVM 6.5.4 and QBs pack on ASEAN server (v0. and the detailed damage information (just to the right of the info display for your tank in lower left corner) no longer show, despite all the boxes being ticked. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • I think this is the best mod pack out there unless you create your own and put illegal mods in the bastard. So for those who criticize QB mod pack. Go make your own or don’t complain.

  • not working..

  • Link for mod pack not working

  • err. 404, what am i doeing wrong?

    • Ollie2018 [BATON]

      Please try:
      If you have version client then you MUST go into:

      1. mods, then rename to
      2. res_mods, then rename to

      After you do this you should be finished but let’s say you where on version for example. you would need to:

      1. mods, then rename to
      2. res_mods, then rename to

      Hope this helps!

      P.S. if the original new mod’s version is different, just imagine that it is

  • Hello guys and QB. Some help please. I am putting the files in 9.17.1 and when I open the game I am loosing the carousel complet. Any advise? Thanks

  • I found QB update of his modpack for 9.17.1
    YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEWydZvCPec

    World of Tanks XVM Mod Pack by QuickyBaby for 9.17.1

  • cant download mod pac 404 error: not found.somebody can help me?

    • Ollie2018 [BATON]

      Please try:
      If you have version client then you MUST go into:

      1. mods, then rename to
      2. res_mods, then rename to

      After you do this you should be finished but let’s say you were on version for example. you would need to:

      1. mods, then rename to
      2. res_mods, then rename to

      Hope this helps!

      P.S. if the original new mod’s version is different, just imagine that it is

  • Same error here , QB can you fix that please so we can download again .

  • how can i delete the damage panel?

  • boys general misunderstanding why these mods, you play for happy.must all mods and chits be banned

  • This mod broke my Tech Tree. Please, fix.

  • There are some problems with the garage interface for patch 9.17.1:
    1) Mouse over on results panel does not show info – like when you mouse over the penetration counter for a tank you should get number of pens, damage, etc. Same for assistance, bounces, critical hits and so on. No data pops up.
    2) Adding modules is broken. You can do one module but then the interface breaks and you can’t get back to adding/removing modules.
    3) XVM % chance to win does not show on battle results screen like it used to.
    Need the V2 for this patch ASAP!
    I’ve had to uninstall it for now.

  • Whatever they did to NA Thursday (small update), it broke something. Tech Tree and Research show a spinning gear and are unusable, and the game won’t disconnect/switch servers. I don’t know if this will fix itself when they undo whatever they did, but you might want to look into a v2 for 9.17.1. I’m sure EU will run into similar issues at some point if it isn’t already. Just FYI.

  • 4tankistijakoer

    Same problems like Random Gamer told – it does’nt work correctly and crashes, when i want to see tech tree. Need fixed version, please!!

  • Same here. Spinning wheel like it loads something. It also hangs up when u change equipment. Deleted other mods to make sure, it is this one. Please fix, thanks in advance!

  • every time I download it freezes up when I try to go to tech tree or research bar

  • still love your mod pack

  • Mod pack makes it so you cannot get to the tech tree update for Mod pack soon? I like using it however going back to vanilla due to not being able to get to tech tree while using it.

  • I believe you need to update XVM in your mod. With the mod installed, I have all sorts of problems in the garage. The one I know is XVM’s fault is mounting equipment on a vehicle (gun rammer, binocs, etc.) Clicking the box for them usually gives no menu. Sometimes I’ll get it on the first box, but the other 2 won’t come up after that. Restarting the game sometimes works, but I found I had to remove the mod from the folder to get it to work reliably. This thread here seems to indicate it’s XVM’s fault: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/620517-critical-bug-after-todays-update-garage-ui-not-working/

    Other issues I’ve had that I didn’t test include the tech tree & research window not loading. Usually I can hit escape and go back and they’ll load, but sometimes they’ll just come up blank and I have to restart the game.

  • I think it’s time to update the mod. After the micro-update, things have gone bad. Check out the link connected to my website for a video of the errors in action. (

  • this mod doesent work right it corupts my game file fix it quickybaby. when i go in to the research tree the game locks its self.and when i try to refill ammo and otheer shit it wont do it.

    • Ollie2018 [BATON]

      Please try:
      If you have version client then you MUST go into:

      1. mods, then rename to
      2. res_mods, then rename to

      After you do this you should be finished but let’s say you were on version for example. you would need to:

      1. mods, then rename to
      2. res_mods, then rename to

      Hope this helps!

      P.S. if the original new mod’s version is different, just imagine that it is

  • World of Tanks XVM Mod Pack by QuickyBaby for 9.17.1 Version 2

    ►v2 for 9.17.1 – 23/03/2017

    • DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE LINK ABOVE (from lefteris)!!!!

      Contains virus!

      • At least my AV says….

        • The file itself is safe, but after downloading it will try to redirect you to a website that is known to have viruses. If you have a good AV program that blocks such websites (like MalwareBytes) then you’re safe.

          • Dear friend, the link I found it from Youtube from Quickbaby channel. For me my AVG didn’t find anything wrong and I am using it for a month now. Now we have to wait for 9.18 patch to find. The problem is that QuickBaby doesn’t upgrade this site with his mod pack and we have to dick it up to find it!

  • QB: Will you repair the modpack?

    • The modpack needs a fix. Tech Tree, Equipment change, Ammo, camo menus are all broken.

      • I was able to fix the garage issues by removing “lobby” from the C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\gui\flash directory.
        This fixed the after battle statics that were messed up and the hanging while trying to look at the tech tree or research for a tank.

  • Any way to get this list of comments to sort descending? That way we would not need to scroll through 3 years of comments to see the latest ones. You cool with that? 🙂

  • I was able to fix the garage issues by removing “lobby” from the C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\gui\flash directory.
    This fixed the after battle statics that were messed up and the hanging while trying to look at the tech tree or research for a tank.

  • i can see nobody cares about this problems… even quickbaby…

  • Would you make that your xvm for 9.18 fastly, please? I don’t use those others.

  • hey guys. go to this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKj0-FH894c
    9.18 version.

  • Hi admin i see you don’t monetize your website.
    You can earn additional $$$ easily, search on youtube for: how to earn selling

  • There are problems with sound when you are spotted… image is showing up but i dont hear warning…

  • I don’t have damage log at all, anyone else having this problem with QB modpack?

  • Not working. Error with Resmod folder 9.20.1 doesn’t exisr

  • Not working for 9.20.1

  • It seems to be the old patch 9.20Modpackv1 and not compatible with 9.20.1

  • This is NOT QB’s latest version….tried to download and all files show a last update in August

  • Could recent comments be atop? Very annoying having to scroll down thru several years of comments. Thx!

  • OK. Now it works with 9.20.1. Good going Quickybaby.

  • Hi,
    I just downloaded the Mod pack for 9.20.1.
    My game console is automatically closing after login.

    Tried repairing the game & reinstalling, But issue still remains the same.
    It only happens when i use the mod pack (copy mods & res_mod folder)

    can advice how i can fix it?
    The mod pack is really good (clean & simple) – so really appreciate if you can help. tks

  • Does not work after micropatch

  • its not you modpack 1D6 XVM modpack

  • Thanks QB, for the mod pack, love it! Just one thing, are you sure, the new link is correct? It points to an exe and not a zip, that looks very fishy to me.

  • exe files kinda fishy
    better use zip file
    🙂 thx

  • Dont DL here. i got banned for it . i didnt use any other Mod!!!!!!!!!!!!! To be sure to get the right one go to the links on QB youtube videos.

  • Nice 20 fps drop

  • Hey can you plz put it back in .zip wirk beter that wau this way windows wont take it ty.

  • Dec 7 2017 00:15 EST

    The link to QuickBaby’s modpack downloads 1D6_XVM_ModPack_0.9.20.1g.exe at 33MB.

    NOT QuickBaby’s 7MB modpack ! wtf ??

  • This doen’t works it sais:

    Game resource path does not exist:

    Before I’ve never had problems, but now 🙁

  • hi qb just wanted to let you know that this pack makes me crash to desktop after the game ends or i try to leave after dieing. dont happin unless i have your pack installed. please fix if you can cause i realy like your pack ty sir . ps great videos on reviewing tanks i always check to see if you made one first . have a great day ! your friend you dont know from the states 😀

  • Game crashes after game with this mod pack

  • Does this mod kill the ability to have reserves?

  • Didnt work for me

  • Hello QB, could you give us an idea on when is your mod coming out ?

  • Hello QB, Thanks for your mod pack! When is 1.0 going to be ready? Keep up the good work!

  • Hello QuickyBaby. When will be your modpack updateded on version 1.0?? I love that modpack…its simple and in it is all i want to have in my modpack expect of the gun mark mode.

  • Tried over and over to install this version but its not working. Can not find a newer updated version.

  • Can you please help me to install this mod. I have followed the instructions but it doesn’t work…?
    Thank you for your help.

  • Have just, like some other people above, problems installing this mod.

    Please help

  • Ollie2018 [BATON]

    If you have version client then you MUST go into:

    1. mods, then rename to
    2. res_mods, then rename to

    After you do this you should be fin but lets say you were on version for example. you would need to:

    1. mods, then rename to
    2. res_mods, then rename to

    Hope this helps!

    P.S. if the original new mod’s version is different, just imagine that it is

  • Hope you bring out an new one soon 🙂

  • Hey
    May Someone can help me. Everytime i change the fodlers my WOT Launcher disapears. Can any one tell me what i need to do?

  • Richard Kühleis

    hi ppl!

    My my xvm doens’t show in game player stats….. did you know how to fix that?

  • Having the same problem as above. Everything seems to work fine except on load up im not seeing any player stats. And in match theres no player stats. Just a % sign by their name.

  • i did everything in the video and still nothing changed, anyone know how to help me?

  • Take ages to update to newer version

  • I try to transfer QB’s mods & resmods to my WOT EU folder & get loads of items that have to be skipped. At the end of that, I get a Critical Error notice: “Game resource path does not exist: C:/Games/World_of_Tanks_EU/res_mods/” Same with mods. Changing the folder names to and pressing LOAD again just gets me a black screen. Anyone help me to download QB’s modpack?

  • Is an update for the mod on the way?

  • Any chance you will ever get the modpack onto the world of tanks “Mod Portal”?

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