[9.15] Anfield’s ModPack v 1.1

Hello everyone,

ModPack from Anfield’s – a small but very practical assembly modifications for World of Tanks 0.9.15. This ModPack includes only the 8 most popular mods.

Anfield's 3 Anfield's 1 Anfield's


My custom blue reticle
Team’s HP Bar
Hit log & Damage Panel (both dealt and received)
Enhanced Battle Messenger/ Session Statistics by YasenKrasen
2 Line Tank Carousel
Zoom Out
NA Legal Omegaice received damage announcer


Download and unzip the archive
Folder “res_mods” copy and paste into the root of the game, confirm the replacement of files.
Activate XVM statistics on the official site


Anfields 9.15 Mod Pack v1.1 (13 Mb)


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