[9.7] Nolan’s ModPack v1.5.0


ModPak from Nolans, contains all of the most desired mods with the previous version has not changed much, but there is still a lot of interesting and useful.



XVM stats:

– Minimap,

– Carousel

– HitLog with my config

MeltyMap’s Mat
8x Zoom in and 500m zoom out
YasenKrasen Detailed Session Statistics
Team HP Pools
Damage Panel by GambitER
Joo’s Trapsense sixth sense icon w/audio
Remodels of both the T-62 and the Leopard 1
​Separate server-side reticle

Sixth Sense

More screenshot:

Tab screen T-62 Remode Session Stats Multilined TankCarousel Leo 1 remodel

How To Install:

Download and unzip the archive
Folders “res_mods” and “res” Copy to the root of the game, confirm the replacement!


Nolans-9.7-ModPackv1.5.0 (8.7 Mb)

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