[9.12] FireBeard’s Modpack

Known player on the American server “FireBird” brought together about 20 of the best mods.

Firebeard_fire_death Firebeard_Hanger Firebeard_on_fire

Mods in the pack:

XVM nightly 3535 (with custom config)
Monochromatic Crash Tanks 3.5 (gray skins 25% size & Map tanks)
Visible Rail Carts
himicats DamageIndicator
Tank_Icons_with_Emblems_by_RaSeven v4.10 (Variant C)
J1mB0s_Crosshair_Mod_v1.47 (optimised 2 circle cursors + arty lite)
Zayaz Damage Panel 5.1.0 (with modified advanced config showing shell type)
Safeshot by Skino88
Scope Shadow Removal
Zoom (Sniper mode)
AutoEquip (Remembers equipment for each tank)
Locastan’s Color Messages and Sessions Statistics (minimal) 0.9.10
TessuMod 0.5.0 (TeamSpeak Integration) –
Sixth Sense Duration
Autoaim Indicator


-Updated Autoaim Indicator
-Updated SafeShot
-Updated Damage Panel

How To install:

Download and unzip the archive
Copy the folder “res_mods” to the root of the game, confirm the replacement!

If you have no XVM statistics showing you need to login to http://modxvm.com/en/


FireBeard’s Modpack (19 Mb)


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