[9.15.2] Baztens PARTY Mod Pack for WOT

Recently, on the spaces of the Internet we have found one more modpack that deserves your attention. Here you will find everyting you need for a productive game and even more. Author puts a large number of mods for players to choose from.
Here you can choose the most convenient sights:

– Battle Assistant

– J1mB0’s Crosshair

– Also J1mB0’s Tank Contours

– Of course XVM 6.4.5

– J1mB0’s XVM config

– YasenKrasen Colored Messages

–  Session Statistics

– CrewSkillInformer

– Auto-equip

– Tank carousel in 3 rows

– Free-cam mode

– 6-th senses mods

playerlist Skulls 11



Baztens PARTY ModPack (10 MB)

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