[0.9.8] Chainer’s ModPack + installer

Chainer’s ModPack has the most useful modifications that improve the gameplay of the World Tanks.
All modifications are included in ModPack been tested for compatibility. Bugs and errors were not observed.

chainer5 chainer4 chainer3 chainer2 chainer1 chainer


XVM (config by Chainer)
GambitER’s Damage Panel (config by Chainer)
Zoom Out Mod
Icons by Chainer

Other mods:
J1mB0’s Crosshair
Sixth Sense sound
Multilined TankCarousel – 2-lined tank carousel
No Scroll Mod



Recommended: If you have any mods installer, uninstall them first.

1. Copy res_mods folder from this archive to the World of Tanks folder.

2. Install XVMSymbol.ttf and vrinda.ttf fonts located in fonts folder in this archive.
a) Double click on font and then press “Install” button.
– or –
b) Both fonts copy to C:\Windows\Fonts (this directory may differ depending on your operating system).

3. Start World of Tanks and uncheck “Show vehicle tier” in game settings. (see game_settings.png)

Follow the instructions of the installer


Torrent Links:





cwm- (18 Mb)

cwm- (12 Mb)

cwm- (12 Mb)

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