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[0.9.16] Solo’s Easy ModPack Installer v.3

Solo’s ModPack – one of the best on the European server. His topic on the official forum brought together more than 2 million views!

ModPack made very high quality, lowering the FPS is not seen, at least change, but has everything you need. So I advise to use this ModPack.

We have collected for you the best mods World of Tanks – from smart sights and interfaces to the skins with hitzones and programs to raise the FPS on low-end PCs.

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solo modpack


How To install:

Download Solo’s ModPack
Follow the installation instructions;
Restart the game and play.


SoloModPack_v0.9.U3 (44 Mb)


  • Great mod

    • This is the best mod pack in WoT. However for such a good pack i am devasted you where NOT ready for 9/14 when Everyone else was.

    • XVM is grayed out – I can’t make any selections there.

      I tried clicking the XVM updater, thinking it might install it, and then ran the program again, but it’s still grayed out. Any ideas?

      • Marian Hanganu

        XVM isn’t working due to massive changes in the game scripts. You have to be patient and wait them solve the issues and come up with a working version. Many mods were affected and the creators need time to adjust. Wargaming wrote about these issues.

    • fukin sweet mod pac o7

  • Hello guys, maybe I messed up something, but wanted to give you a feedback. The modpack is really nice and seems to work fine. The only thing I noticed that I cannot set up the consumables and if I had already set up a set of them, it zeros them out completely when you change something at the ammo and click okay.

    Keep up the good work guys.

  • The host got a really bad upload speed. But the mod is really good tho!

  • Yeah this is really slow, find another website which has it if you can

  • First mod pack I ever down loaded! I like it and it should help me improve. What does the east and west with green numbers mean on the left side of my garage screen mean?

    Thanks Gin

  • Hi ,

    Cannot find the 9.7.1 update ? Do you have a link ? I don’t have the mod marker on my display so ….too bad

  • I have found a bug where I have green arrows and distance markers showing around my tank in the garage.
    Looks like a bug in the mod that shows spotted tanks and their distance, but it is appearing in the garage where it obviously should not be coming on. It stays when I go into the game and the numbers don’t change.

    I thought it was fixed in the Saturday update I installed, but it reoccured when I played my M44. It wasn’t there when I went into battle but showed up when I returned to the garage.

    It seems to come and go so I’m not sure what is triggering the bug.
    Is there somewhere I can post a screenshot?

  • robin2604 (BUZZ)

    thank’s from your job i likkkkeee your mod .

    merci merci merci 😉

  • ModPack is ok,but sometimes game chrashes and i have to restart my computer,any help??
    P.S. I have great network connection and my computer components are very strong..

    • Shadowstalker618

      I’m having issues staying connected to the game. Sometimes it closes all the way down to the desktop. I think its a game bug.

  • Not working :( I use this mod from the beginning,but now i download it and when i click run it says “Internal error:ExtractTemporaryFile:TheFile”gifctrl.dll” was not found” If someone can help ?

  • Great but I want to start the zoom with 2x not 5x. Can I manually change it?

  • only recently started to use this after the 9.8 update, worked well and very happy with it uploaded the 2 updates still worked great but after the micro patch can get nothing working……now downloading from scratch to see if that will make it work……hopefully it will, thanks for the time…

  • great great work! respect! i support you! for me – it works fine! Solo thank you!

    if some mods dont work – not Solo`s fault! its WoT what makes problems whit its fu… updates all the time..

  • Good Modpack, buuut Downloadservers are very slow and shit…

  • after patch 9.9 the fog thing is very very broken and a lot of the radial button sections are unavailable the link is to a screenshot I just took in a battle

  • Issue I found. If you get into game and it is all white like 100% fog it is due to the fog/better vision reducing mod. Deselect and game plays normally.

  • The mod seems to be good but I can’t use it because fog is in opaque black !

  • peeeeeeeeeeeeeeerfect

  • would be great if there was actually a download button

  • it keeps failing to download the installer. it says network error but i have a great internet connection.

  • Can i make changes in the mod. I already installed it and played it but some things i want to change. How can i do that?

    • I would likie to know the same…how do i change things after i have started it?

      • You have to install again

      • go to file you download in your computer and start manualy and check the thing you need to instal and blank the one you dont need dont forget retine server to be check dont check all this stufff its too much 4 nothing take only the utilyty thing for the begining and after some day of play you see and remake same thing i say to make new change hope i help c ya in hell tanker

  • thank you – i like it!

  • When will be the new modpack for WoT 9.13 be available.
    I reluctantly downloaded another modpack for now but i really like your work.

    • Me too!

      I want Solo’s mod pack for 13.0 but I too had to down loads something else,

      Thing I like about the MOD is Flexibility and I like the safe shot, Hit logs and the enhanced mini-maps.

  • When is comes out your new Mod?

  • It works great !!! no crashs no lags !!

    but only i dont have enemy team tank icons how can fix it ?

  • God damnit are your servers slow it takes over half an hour to DL 35MB…

  • re all.. it”s ok this mod i like.. but i have one problem. no have “Sound Mod” .. good luck..

  • sweet mods ay like the mod helps my old eyes see were i wanna hit 07 guys

  • If i wanna change some mods after installing the pack, how can i go about it. Had been using OMC Modpack which had that feature to update or reconfigure.

  • Dude I used this mod before 9.14, and I loved it. Hopefully I get same results and happiness as the last one

  • The SOLO mod pack for 9.15 is not completed, missing parts like the settings tab or even the vehicle icons

  • The SOLO mod pack for 9.15 is not completed, missing parts like the settings MOD tab or even the vehicle icons

  • which mod do I check thatll help with low FPS?

  • LasVegasEd777

    Upload speed is NOT YOUR COMPUTER, so if you don’t use the “other” website (which at times will not upload at all), it’s just slow. I tested my speed during the upload.

  • I really like mudpack, but when I update it, it has an error, I don’t know what it is. So what I try to do is download the pack again and I won’t get it again until the next patch..

  • Developed a problem with the game crashing in battle. Uninstalled the game, reinstalled and then reinstalled modpack. Goes through the whole install process and when I open the game, nothing. I get no statistics, no battle assistant with arty, and absolutely none of the other features of this mod. The game itself runs fine now. No crashing and stable. Mod worked great last night before I uninstalled the game was wondering if this is due to the micropatch or if there is another problem I am experiencing. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  • I download the latest mods and started but no box will work. I tick it and nothing. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Admiral Zombie

    tried this out but very disappointed.

    Said there was a new update called Update 4 and my current is Update 5 (sic!)

    Nothing happens when I click on left mouse so my tank didn’t shot back. It worked after I removed all mods.

    I’ll go and try another pack instead.

    • Admiral Zombie

      I think the firing problem was due to the safe-shot mod.

    • Its a very good mod pack, but the set back is they normally take 2-7 days or there about before they get it all up and running after a patch is done. This is very annoying indeed, but take away that if you can wait, its worth it, I’ve used it for over a yr. now

  • This pack not work.

  • panel damage crashes installer

  • Half of the mods are missing, auto equipment replacement and xvm mod doesnt work at all. I’ve been using this for a long time and now am disappointed.

  • So frustrated on 9.15.1. quickbaby mod for xvm works fine, but I hate it. Love your Solo, but no matter what I do, xvm will not work with it. When I run the update for solo, there is no checkboxes at all for xvm. In WOT, the Solo mods appear to work, but no xvm. Is there a way to make xvm work with your latest solopack mods? If so, instructions please. I love your mod, but it just isnt right without xvm. Also, I do not see dmg caused in the upper center anymore. Please tell me a fix.

  • tank carousel not working in 09151

  • love both solo and quickiebaby but the real problem is world of tanks they should of let the modding community know how to keep the mods up to date the real frustration is the constant messing around it will take time to get things working again but what ticks me off is we lose more options every time an update hits i was really ticked off when i lost nomefathers gun and engine sounds

  • good , i do not need xvm if it fails to install ………. messes with my zoom anyway . and stats say bugger all :) ………… if you brawl a lott and get kiled sooner with gold ammo your stats suck anyway .

  • i hope it is woth the upheaval

  • update for 9.15.2 solo, when do you think this will happen, love the mod

  • I guess no mods this round

  • Great mod! THX Greetings from Croatia! (HRVATSKA)


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