[9.19] Multipack by PROTanki v.0

It’s no secret that mods help keep the game a lot of popularity with the ability to change the game to suit your preferences.


But, unfortunately, many users are not able to properly install and configure the game modifications … and here comes to their aid program to install mods and tuning the game client – Multipack.

Multipack today has hundreds of thousands of regular users and is rapidly gaining popularity. This is not surprising, because Multipack has a number of convenient features:

– Multilanguage.
– Protection from improper installation;
– Protection from damage of the client using the previously Wot Tweaker;
– Create a backup (backup) of your mods;
– Cleaning the client from the old mods;
– Easy to use graphical preview of the mods, the detailed description of the mods.
– Audio previews for sound mods;
– A huge number of mods;
– Exclusive comfortable mode;
– Motto Multipack: “Maximum FPS”;
– Resume “heavy” mods directly from the network during installation mods.

– Huge selection of hangars;
– Graphical Client Configuration games;
– There is a mod for streamers WoTTwitchMod;
– Optimizer for tracking new versions of mods and increase FPS in the game.



Download and run the modpack.
Follow the instructions of the installer


ModPack ProTanki Base (77 MB)

ModPack ProTanki Full (577 MB)

9.19 will be soon


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