[0.9.12] AIOMOD XVM installer

Hello everyone,

AIOMOD – one of the most famous ModPacks on the American server. This ModPack includes 25 of the best mods. All mods have been updated to the latest version 0.9.12.


J1mB0’s Crosshairs
Gun Traverse Indicator for SPG and TD.
Old Server Side Reticle
Max Zoom Arcade + Arty
FullScreen Scope (Sniper Mode)
Accurate Damage Indicator
Fire Alarm Sound
Custom SixthSense + Audio
XVM Lite – Version without in-game players ratio
XVM Full – Version with Stats (Optional)
No Intro Video

Others mods:
Icons modules, shells and consumables
Colored messages
MiniMap + Laser
Railway Colored
Colored Icons Tanks (H. M, L, TD, A)
Multilined Tank Carousel
Default Damage Panel (show log of received damage & own hits)
Accurate Damage indicator
Clock in Battle Loading
Custom sixth sense indicator
Date, time in Garage
Extra statistic information in Battle Reports, Service Record and new Gadget
In XVM Full: Chance to win & more.

More screenshots:

shot_015 shot_014 shot_010 shot_002 shot_005 shot_007

How to install:

Download and unzip the archive

Run the file “AIOMOD_Installer_v6_1_5_ Build_4935” and follow the instructions

Activate XVM statistics on the official website


[0912]AIOMOD_Installer_v6_1_6_1 Build_4987.rar (26 Mb)

[0912]AIOMOD_v6_1_6.1 Build_4987(20 Mb)


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